Watch Rudy Giuliani destroy political hack Piers Morgan in fiery segment

If you recall the obnoxious elitist Piers Morgan had his own show on CNN several years ago. Morgan would use his show on CNN to spew his repulsive anti-Second Amendment rants. Morgan’s show was so bad that CNN was forced to cancel it. Morgan is now co-hosting an equally awful show in Britain. Yesterday he trashed President Trump to Rudy Giuliani. He quickly regretted it.

Rudy Giuliani Has Heated On-Air Exchange with Piers Morgan: ‘You Sound Completely Barking Mad’

By, June 4, 2020

Host Piers Morgan called Rudy Giuliani “abusive” and “deranged” as the politician defended President Donald Trump’s controversial response to the protests

Rudy Giuliani engaged in a fiery back-and-forth with Piers Morgan during a television interview this week.

On Thursday, the politician, 76, appeared on Good Morning Britain to discuss the current state of affairs in the United States, defending President Donald Trump‘s controversial and much-maligned response to the ongoing protests.

Amid the demonstrations in Minneapolis and around the country over the killing of George Floyd, Trump, 73, wrote on Twitter last Friday that the more violent protesters were “thugs” who were “dishonoring the memory of George Floyd.” He added — to the alarm of many — “when the looting starts, the shooting starts.”

Giuliani stood by Trump’s message, claiming that he meant that violence begets violence. He said media bias is what has led to criticism of Trump, which host Morgan, 55, fired back at.

“Oh, stop banging on about left-wing journalism, Rudy,” said Morgan. “… I’ve written more fairly about Donald Trump than anybody.”

The two then argued on-air about who was talking over the other, with Giuliani accusing Morgan of “lying to people.” Responded Morgan: “I’m not lying — I’m quoting directly what the president said.”

Minutes later, Giuliani ranted that Morgan is a “phony,” to which the commentator simply asked, “What happened to you, Rudy?”

“Nothing happened to me at all, except watching how much you people lie and distort,” said Giuliani. “You are disgraceful.”

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