White House CUTS OFF BIDEN’S AUDIO After Appalling, Mocking Response To Question About Stranded Americans in Afghanistan

We’ve lost our country.

Americans tortured, beaten and abandoned – and the Democrat party of treason rubs its hooves in glee. Refugees welcome, but Americans? No. Americans are designated domestic terrorists by the illegitimate Democrat regime.

Rise up.

WATCH: WH cuts off audio of Joe Biden’s appalling response to NBC News journo Peter Alexander’s question about Americans stranded in Afghanistan

August 25, 2021 By Sarah D.

President Joe Biden hosted a cybersecurity meeting this afternoon:


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This is fine.

Apparently being the NBC guy isn’t enough anymore.

And by the way, it was indeed the audio for Biden’s response to Alexander that was cut off:

Biden may be losing the confidence of Americans, Afghans, and people all over the world, not to mention his own damn White House, but hey, at least he hasn’t lost his sense of humor. His twisted, demented sense of humor.

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