BANNING BOOKS: Waterstones BANS David Icke Books

IN THE ongoing censorship of noted British conspiracy theorist and former footballer David Icke, book retailer Waterstones has banned his works from being sold on their website.

Following his suspension from YouTube and Facebook due to his views on the coronavirus outbreak, conspiracy theorist David Icke’s books have now been banned by Waterstones, under the guise that he spreads antisemitism, a charge Icke denies.

According to the Irish Daily Star, the reason his works were being pulled was due alleged antisemitism surrounding Icke and his messaging. Critics of Icke have cited this as a way to debunk his theories, although Icke himself strongly denies these charges.

This came up due to controversy surrounding copies of his 2017 work Everything You Wanted To Know But Have Never Been Told being sold by their Southport branch. After they had been removed psychically, the online store also removed his books as well. They are still available on Amazon and other retailers.

In response, Icke’s website shared a blog post in which an article praising his ban, published by the Campaign Against Antisemitism campaign group which has got Icke cancelled previously from attending venues and had written to Waterstones in the past over this, was recommended as a means of filing a ‘libel suit’ against the group. Legal proceedings have yet to take place.


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