MELTS! Ben & Jerry’s BLASTS Britain’s Dover Crackdown “People CANNOT BE ILLEGAL” 


AMERICAN Ice Cream giant Ben & Jerry’s faced the wrath of the silent majority in Britain after going on the attack over the Home Secretaries tough crack-down on illegal migrants entering the UK via boat in Dover. 

Over the past few weeks alone over 4,000 illegal migrants have entered Britain via Dover – and they’re being escorted by police escort to four star hotels across the south of England, all at the expense of the British taxpayer. 

However – the liberal American Ice Cream company Ben & Jerry’s thinks that the British taxpayer should foot the bill for these economic migrants coming to Britain to claim benefits and leech off the state. 

The Ice Cream company tweeted on Tuesday: “Hey @PritiPatel we think the real crisis is our lack of humanity for people fleeing war, climate change and torture. We pulled together a thread for you..”

“People wouldn’t make dangerous journeys if they had any other choice. The UK hasn’t resettled any refugees since March, but wars and violence continue. What we need is more safe and legal routes.”

“People cannot be illegal. And, it is enshrined in the 1951 Refugee Convention that crossing a border ‘illegally’ should not impact your asylum claim”

“‘Stronger’ borders aren’t the answer and only puts more lives at risk. Check out this video for more information:”

“We know experts at organisations like @RefugeeAction want to talk solutions with Ministers, so why not have these conversations?”

“Let’s remember we’re all human and have the same rights to life regardless of the country we happen to have been born in.”

“and once more for the back: PEOPLE CANNOT BE ILLEGAL.”

The firm was hit with a massive backlash online,. 

One user wrote: “The war, climate change and torture of France? What on earth are you babbling about??”

FoxyTweets added: “Ice cream company trying to educate us in morality when they pay employee minimum wage, CEO huge sums, encourage obesity, advertise aimed a kids, price products at 1000% of cost. “

Terry Mathews hit back: “As an ice cream firm gate-crashing its way into politics, Ben & Jerry’s is leaving a sour taste in the mouths of the majority of Brits who don’t want welfare, schooling, health care and housing taken over by hundreds of thousands of males who enter our country illegally for life.”

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