SINKING SHIP: Beeb “Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic” Axing Sue Barker says #DefundTheBBC

THE BBC has been hilariously slammed by anti-Licence Fee group Defund the BBC.

The publicly-funded broadcaster caused fury among its viewers over the weekend after it axed the hugely popular host Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tufnell in what critics have described as a ‘Diversity-inspired’ shake-up following the Black Lives Matter protests that swept Britain earlier this Summer.

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Defund the BBC told Politicalite that the publicly-funded broadcaster “appears to be desperately rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic”. 

Sue Barker, who has hosted the smash-hit BBC show since 1997 told the Sunday Mirror of her “Sadness” as being axed from the long-running show after hosting the BBC programme for a staggering 23 years.

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Defund the BBC said the corporation was “Using licence fee payers’ money to try to appeal to a youth audience who are never going to pay, whilst ditching all the favourite programmes of those that do.”

“The BBC believe diversity – of ethnicity, not thought or class or age – is the key to future success.”

“It’s time the BBC was forced into the open market to test its theory.”


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Fans of the show have called for a campaign to save the trio and stop the BBC from giving in to the minority of wokies that control the television industry in London.

Matt Dawson – who loved the show so much was dropped from the England team after missing training to film the BBC show after he replaced Frankie Dettori in 2004.

The Sun reported that one fan wrote on Twitter: “Come on, we did it with the Proms – make them listen to us again! No change of presenters on Question of Sport.”

“I think you will find you have a problem. We never miss this show but if you are replacing these wonderful people because of their colour, we will not be watching anymore.

“Sick and tired of all that’s good getting thrown out for the sake of diversity or age.”

Matt Dawson hit Twitter to comment on the BBC’s changes telling fans: “Thanks for all the lovely messages. I’m not sure how to respond so I’ll have a think Needless to say I will miss @QuestionofSport immensely….”

Phil Tufnell also shared his sadness. The ex-England cricketer said: “13 yrs @QuestionofSport has been a great part of life .. going to miss it hugely .. thanks so much for all the lovely messages !!”

Sue Barker said: “I’ve absolutely loved my 24 years fronting A Question of Sport, it’s been my dream job. But I understand the BBC want to take the show in a new direction and I’m sad to say goodbye.”

A BBC spokesperson told Politicalite: “We would like to thank Sue for her enormous contribution as the show’s longest-reigning host over the last 23 years, and Matt and Phil for their excellent team captaincy over 16 and 12 years respectively.”

“Together they have ensured A Question of Sport remains a firm favourite with the BBC One audience. Sue, Matt and Phil’s final series will be broadcast next year.”

A QUESTION of Sport is undoubtedly a British institution since it’s first airing on the BBC back in 1970.

From sitting in your grandmas front room on a Friday night with a Chippy tea, A Question of Sport has always been a firm family favourite.

It has seen a raft of sports stars and even an appearance from Princess Anne who appeared on the show in 1987 – with the public applauding her down to earthiness making her a national treasure.

Sue Barker, Matt Dawson and Phil Tuffnell are a firm favourite among fans.

The BBC is already facing criticism over not representing the people enough, axing hugely popular stars will only strengthen the calls to Defund the BBC.

The BBC must reverse this bonkers decision, or face a lifetime relegated to the dustbin.

More follows. 

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