WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Politician ‘Poisoned By Serb Prez’ Claims Serbia ‘SOLD Weapons To ISIS’ 


A SERBIAN Politician who was allegedly poisoned by Serbian forces on the orders of the President has made more damning allegations surrounding the ‘corrupt regime’ run by dictator Alexander Vucic. 

Opposition leader Nikola Sandulovic made a slow recovery following his alleged arrest by Serbian Police amid the Coronavirus crisis.

Speaking exclusively to Politicalite following protests in Belgrade last week and he claimed that the Serbian government ‘sold weapons to ISIS’. 

He said that the “chaos and protests” that are happening in Belgrade are due to the dire economic situation in the country. 

Serbian Protests: Police Brutality Mapped | Balkan Insight

He said little is known about the true state of affairs in the Eastern European nation. 

The party leader told us that the Serbian people are hungry,scared and humiliated by the regime.

“In Serbia you can feel the fear, the police are arresting ordinary people in the streets.” 

Sandulovic who leads The Republican Party revealed: ” They [the government] put people in prison for up to 30 days without any reason.” 

aleksandar vuvic by mc rs-crop | The Sofia Globe

Aleksandar Vucic

“The repression is so hard that today secret police visited our party’s director at his home and took him away for interrogation to their station.”

” This interrogation at the station was not official and there is no written evidence that he was with them

today at the station.” 

WATCH: Nikola Sandulovic Protests In Belgrade

“Like it didn’t happen” 

“They asked him what kind of information does the Republican Party hold about the organisers of the protests, how many members does Republican party have and what kind of international support our party has from other countries.” 

WORLD EXCLUSIVE: Serbian Opposition Leader 'Arrested and Poisoned ...

Nikola Sandulovic

“What is happening today is that protest of exhausted Serbian people against Vucic’s regime turned to private war between the Minister of Police Nebojsa Stefanovic and the current President of Serbia Aleksandar Vucic.”

The Republican boss also made damning claims that the Serbian Government sold weapons to ISIS. 

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“These two people were close allies in selling weapons to ISIS, but after sharing the money and after very suspicious and sudden death off Stefanovic’s father they became angry enemies and each of them has different international support.” said Sandulovic.


Sandulovic also claimed that Nebojsa Stefanovic, the ex minister of Police has the support from the part of the American administration which is against Donald Trump.” 

“The same people that helped him and Vucic to come in power at first place.” 


Earlier this year Politicalite revealed that Republican leader Sandulovic was ‘arrested and poisoned’ by Serbian Police after he spoke out about faulty Chinese Coronavirus tests.

Republican Party sources told Politicalite that Nikola’s health is “getting better by the day”.

Sandulovic, who is the leader of the opposition ‘Republican party’ in Serbia is well known in the Eastern European country and is said to be “a huge opponent” of current Serb President Aleksandar Vucic. 

He was reportedly arrested and detained after he spoke out publicly about defective tests for the Coronavirus which Serbia imported from China.

Party sources claimed that the politician is also said to have “revealed the truth about importing immigrants to Serbia at Serbian borders during the state of emergency and police hours.”

Serbian Republican Party sources told Politicalite last week that “He was writing about Chinese narco-mafia and their [alleged] connection with the President Vucic, the way they transport drug and gold through Serbia to Europe.”

Sources also said that Serbia’s Judicial Council overturned the decision on his house arrest and internet ban. 

“He is free again to go out and use the internet.” 

“The Judicial Council overturned a decision, claiming that they did not have the right to keep him in prison OR to put him under house arrest since he has never been convicted in the past .” 

“The court made many illegal steps, they kept him in prison at first for 48 hours.” added the source. 

The Republican Party added: “The international pressure on the Serbian government was huge, as our

party has very good cooperation all over the world, including the US and UK” 

“At the moment, he feels much better, he is very eager to go even harder against this corrupt government.”



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