Speaking Schedule for This Semester

I usually visit about 50 law schools a year for lectures. This semester, I do not plan to take any trips, anywhere. I will remain in the bubble. On the plus-side, I am happy to visit law schools and related groups virtually. Indeed, Zoom will let me speak at some campuses that are tougher to visit.  (At last count, I’ve lectured in 37 states).

If you’d like me to visit your law school or related group, please drop me a line: josh-at-joshblackman.com.

Here are some of the topics I have prepared for this semester:

  1. The Future of the Conservative Legal Movement
  2. Undone: The New Constitutional Challenge to Obamacare
  3. Heller Outside The Home: The Right To Bear Arms Returns
  4. Opening Pandora’s Box: The Administrative State and the Roberts Court
  5. Stare Decisis: What precedent will fall next?
  6. Blue June: The Future of the Roberts Court
  7. Supreme Court Term Roundup and Preview
  8. 100 Supreme Court Cases Everyone Should Know
  9. Click to Shoot: The 1st Amendment, 2nd Amendment, and 3D-Printed Guns –
  10. Safe Spaces: Free Speech and Academic Diversity in Law Schools
  11. Censoring Legal Ethics: The First Amendment and ABA Rule 8.4(g)
  12. Presidential Profits: The Foreign Emoluments Clause from George Washington to Donald Trump.
  13. Restoring the Lost Confirmation: The Next Supreme Court Confirmation Battle.

I hope to see you soon.

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