Maxine Waters: Trump And Supporters Ensuring Blacks “Do Not Rise To Any Level Of Influence And Power”

Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters declared Sunday that President Trump and his supporters are universally racist and believe that it is their duty to impede the progress of black people.

Appearing on MSNBC’s AM Joy, Waters pointed to the commuting of Roger Stone’s sentence by Trump, and declared that there is a “need for Trump and those who support him to want to, you know, have absolute power.”

Waters said that Trump and his base “believe that it is their right and their responsibility to ensure that blacks and people of color and others do not rise to any level of influence and power, significant that would cause them not to be in total charge of the country.”

Waters proclaimed that “This justice system is broken,” adding that “it has never really been in our favor, and it has basically been responsible for ensuring that we could never ever get beyond this suppression and this oppression that has been forced upon us for so many years.”

“So those who criticize Black Lives Matter, they can continue to do that, but I want to tell you the time has come now where we are joined by so many others who really were not there for us in the past.” Waters continued.

She argued that racism is endemic in the US, and that it is to blame for most social problems in America.

“You saw it in all of the protests where you had whites and blacks and Asians and old and young, all saying something is wrong with this country. Something is wrong with our criminal justice system. Something is wrong with our policing,” Waters asserted.

“It is racism,” she concluded.

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