Pub Landlord Installs Electric Fence Around Bar to Enforce Social Distancing

A pub landlord in the UK has installed an electric fence around his bar in order to enforce social distancing, telling the BBC that customers keep away from it because “people are like sheep.”

Jonny McFadden, who runs the Star Inn in St Just, Cornwall, said the fence is “just a normal electric fence that you would find in a field.

In other words, McFadden is using the same device against his customers that farmers use to control the movements of livestock.

Indeed, he told the BBC, “People keep away from it, people are like sheep.”

The landlord refused to be pinned down on whether the fence actually gave off an electric shock, but warned, “Come and find out – there is a fear factor and it works.”

McFadden appeared to be surprised that customers weren’t strictly observing social distancing rules because “when you serve people a drink they change.”

People getting close to each other when they’re drunk. Who would have thought it?

As we highlighted earlier, face masks will become mandatory for anyone entering shops in England From July 24 onwards, with refusniks being hit with an on the spot £100 fine.

This led the head of the London Metropolitan Police Foundation to denounce the new law as completely unenforcable.

“We’ll be driving round and round London looking for people who weren’t wearing masks, it’s absolutely absurd,” said Ken Marsh, noting that the likelihood of shop staff trying to enforce the law wouldn’t work because they don’t have the power to detain people.


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