Rand Paul Highlights Vote Fraud, Predicts Big Tech Will Censor Him; Big Tech Censors Him

Senator Rand Paul found himself on the end of a dreaded Twitter red label Sunday after he highlighted evidence of voter fraud in multiple states where President Trump “lost”.

Paul pointed to reported “data dumps” that were carried out in the dead of the night and early hours of the morning in four states, linking to a an article titled “Anomalies in Vote Counts and Their Effects on Election 2020.”

The Senator predicted that Twitter would censor his post, which it did soon after he posted it:

The Senator’s comments come on the heels of a judge in Georgia ordering the wiping and reseting of voting machines, erasing any remaining election fraud evidence state-wide:

President Trump vowed Sunday to continue to fight ‘125%’ to save the integrity of U.S. elections:

Infowars continues to highlight the multitudes of weird and unchecked irregularities that prove Joe Biden could not have won in the disputed states:

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