Video: New Yorkers Sign Petition to Topple ‘Slave Owner’ Washington Statue, But Not Muhammad

A social experiment by Ami Horowitz shows New Yorkers gleefully signing a petition to take down statues of “slave owners” like George Washington, but suddenly becoming reticent when Horowitz mentions the Prophet Muhammad.

“I want to take down all statues of people who owned slaves in this country,” Horowitz told potential signatories, emphasizing how he wanted to remove the statue of George Washington in DC.

All of the people featured in the video gleefully signed the petition to take down statues of “slave owners” like Washington and Jefferson.

However, when it came to another infamous historical slave owner, their enthusiasm suddenly waned.

“I want to take down a statue of Muhammad, the founder of Islam, because he also owned slaves,” Horowitz tells a black woman.

“OK, I don’t want to sign this,” she responds.

Every other person in the clip refuses to sign the petition to remove statues of Muhammad.

Asked why people are signing the petition to take down Washington’s statue but not the one applying to Muhammad, one man argues that it’s because of “religious freedom.”

“But slavery’s not part of religious freedom,” responds Horowitz.

Obviously, there are no statues of the Prophet Muhammad, but nobody is calling for mosques to be demolished, despite the fact that Muhammad owned slaves.

As the BBC highlights, “The Prophet Muhammad did not try to abolish slavery, and bought, sold, captured, and owned slaves himself.”

However, the rest of the article strenuously argues that because Muhammad treated his slaves well and encouraged others to do the same, that this made his slave ownership acceptable.

The same justification probably wouldn’t go down as well when applied to Washington or Jefferson.

The social experiment underscores how slave ownership is almost certainly not the real reason for leftists wanting to see statues of Washington and Jefferson toppled.


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