Video: Paris Police Check Proof of Vaccination While Diners Eat

A video out of Paris shows uniformed police officers inside a restaurant checking diners’ vaccine passports in the middle of their meals.

The clip shows cops hovering over the dinner table as they make customers show proof of vaccination on their phones.

One elderly woman appears to be somewhat confused by the checks as there is a delay in her showing her medical papers.

“The Nazis are back in Paris,” commented Benny Johnson.

As we previously highlighted, such scenes were commonplace on the first day that France imposed its vaccine passport scheme back in August.

Police were seen patrolling cafes cafes and bars demanding to see proof of vaccination, even for people sitting outside.

However, just a week later it appeared as though the high visibility action was just a form of intimidation to coerce people into compliance and that such patrols wouldn’t become routine.

Anecdotal evidence detailed by former Google software engineer Mike Hearn suggested that most restaurants, cafes and other businesses in France are not enforcing the controversial system.

“Over a four day stay I was required to show a valid pass exactly zero times; that includes at the airports in both directions. Compliance is absolutely min viable and often lower,” wrote Hearn.

Numerous European countries are suffering record new COVID spikes despite implementing vaccine passport schemes months ago.

As we highlighted earlier, an investigation by experts in Spain has concluded that vaccine passports have no significant impact on reducing COVID-19 infection rates.

They are however very good at people locked in a state of fear and acquiescence.


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