Denmark: Rasmus Paludan to stop demonstrating after he loses police protection

Infamous anti-migration politician and provocateur Rasmus Paludan has said that he will no longer hold public demonstrations because the police have stopped offering him protection.

Paludan made the announcement in a video posted to the Facebook page of his political party, Stram Kurs (Hard Line), on Tuesday.

Paludan had been receiving regular protection from the Danish Security and Intelligence Service (PET) for years. He says that he made the decision to suspend his demonstrations after the PET made continuing to protect him conditional on him refusing to appear in certain places. Paludan said that he considers this a threat from the PET and refused to accept such conditions, according to a report by Ekstra Bladet.

The PET’s change in policy comes after an incident earlier this month when a Middle Eastern man got in an argument with Paludan during a demonstration about Islam’s Prophet Muhammad. The man eventually broke through the police barricade and attempted to attack Paludan with a knife, forcing officers to shoot him, as previously reported by Voice of Europe. The attacker survived.

Demonstrations had been planned in several Danish towns for yesterday, but in each case the PET had insisted that the location be changed, according to Paludan. He refused because he knows people wouldn’t show up in the alternative locations that the PET offered. He believes it is better to stop demonstrating altogether than to either hold sparsely-attended events or else put his followers at risk of being killed due to lack of security.

When asked how he plans to get his messages out if he will no longer be demonstrating, Paludan replied, “I don’t know, but I have to think of something.”

The PET declined to comment on the affair, citing safety regulations.

Paludan is a fierce critic of Islam, and calls for Islam to be banned from Denmark, immigration to be ended, and for Muslim immigrants in Denmark to be deported. His public demonstrations and provocations have attracted a great deal of hostility from the Muslim community in Denmark.






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