Sweden: Celebrity migrant hairdresser convicted of raping a client

Aryan Saleh, also known as Alex, has been convicted of raping a client during a session. Aryan was the owner of the famous hairdressing salon, Saxess by Alex, in central Stockholm.

Aryan, 33, contacted a female client on April 16 of this year, inviting her to a free hair treatment and sparkling wine. The woman accepted, and after the session, he invited her into an office on the pretext of giving her a neck message.

The woman went with Aryan. Once there, he asked her to take off her top and began touching her body. When she asked him to stop, she said his personality changed and that he refused to take “no” for an answer. According to the victim’s testimony, Aryan told her to “stop playing games,” according to a report by Samhällsnytt.

The police report says that Aryan then pushed the woman against a wall with such force that the back of her head struck a shelf. He then proceeded to have sex with the woman in both her vagina and anus.

During his trial in Stockholm’s District Court, Aryan claimed that the sex had been consensual, and that he had only trying to be “hospitable” with the woman. The court did not accept Aryan’s defence, however, on the grounds that there are contradictions in his account.

Aryan was convicted of rape on June 6. He has many previous convictions, including making threats, drug offences, attacking police officers, and drunk driving. He will serve a sentence of two years and four months, and pay 115,600 Swedish kronor (approximately 11,000 euros) in damages to the victim.


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