Sweden: Liberal politician tells conservative that he hopes what happened to George Floyd happens to her

A politician from Sweden’s liberal Christian Democratic party told a conservative commentator (pictured above) that he hoped she would suffer the same fate as George Floyd over social media.

Gilite Rugerero, the Vice President of the Christian Democrats party in the town of Nora, made the remark in a tweet directed at Mira Aksoy, a conservative writer and debater who was formerly active with the Right-wing Sweden Democrats party.

Mira Aksoy had written a tweet criticising a Swedish policewoman. The officer had taken a knee and then joined with demonstrators at a Black Lives Matter protest in Stockholm last week, as previously reported by Voice of Europe. Aksoy accused the officer of being “brainwashed.”

In another tweet, Aksoy questioned whether George Floyd had really been killed because of his skin colour. George Floyd was a black man who died while being taken into police custody by officers in the United States two weeks ago. One officer kept Floyd in a choke hold for several minutes before the suspect died. His death has sparked rioting in cities in both the US and Western Europe ever since.

Rugerero was harshly attacking those who criticise the demonstrations on social media last week. And he had some choice words for Aksoy as well. “Hahaha, you are probably the most annoying fucking person on Twitter right now,” he responded to Aksoy in a public tweet on Thursday. “For what reason was [Floyd] killed, then? Wish it had happened to you. Then I would express myself just like you do.”

Rugerero drew criticism for the tweet, which many felt was inappropriate for a sitting politician.

“I regret what I said,” Rugerero said about the incident when contacted by reporters from Fria Tider, as reported on their site. He said that he was provoked into writing the inflammatory reply because he believed that Aksoy had been denying that Floyd had been killed by the police. “I wrote it in irritation,” he added.

As of this writing, Rugerero has not apologised to Aksoy. He has been called to a meeting with his party’s local Chairman, John Sundell, to discuss the affair.

“I may have perceived things a little bit differently from [Aksoy],” Rugerero said. “Before I answer more questions, I want to talk to my party about this.”




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