UK: Islamic convert among jailed neo-Nazi terrorists

Four young people have received prison sentences from Birmingham Crown Court for their involvement in the dangerous proscribed Hitler-worshipping group National Action. Connor Scothern, 19 was among the anti-Semitic youths imprisoned, having previously converted to Islam the BBC reports.

Alice Cutter who entered a “Miss Hitler” beauty contest was convicted under counter-terrorism law along with her ex-boyfriend and two other men, all in their late teens and twenties. National Action consisted of self-described National Socialists who openly talked about gas chambers and their admiration for Adolf Hitler. The organisation was banned by the UK government in 2016 for celebrating the murder of the Labour MP Jo Cox. Members and former members have been involved in more recent plots to kill police and politicians as well as talk of killing mixed race children. Cutter and co discussed using a Jew’s head as a football and were arrested for getting together for neo-Nazi activities after the group was proscribed.

One young criminal punished with the group was Connor Scothern, a young man who had previously been attracted to communism and briefly practiced Islam when he was twelve to thirteen before he was lured by Nazism. National Action stole tactics and took inspiration from Islamic terrorist groups, talking of “White Jihad.” Mark Jones, the boyfriend of Miss Hitler, had previously discussed looking at Inspire magazine, an al-Qaeda publication.

This isn’t the first time a white Muslim has become involved in neo-Nazi thuggery. Early in the year, it was revealed Yousef Barasneh, the son of a white convert to Islam and a Jordanian immigrant to Wisconsin, USA, got involved in a neo-Nazi group and vandalised a Synagogue. The founder of Nazism, Adolf Hitler himself, made private and public statements to express his admiration for militant Islam. In the 1930s Hitler provided financial and military assistance to the Muslim Brotherhood in the Middle East and was later quoted by his henchman Albert Speer to have said “The Mohammedan religion would have been much more compatible to us than Christianity.”


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