‘American Heart’ Music Video Aims To Inspire During COVID-19 Lockdowns

On Thursday, The Daily Caller released a YouTube video from actor/producer Chris Burgard in which the band American Made sings the original song “American Heart.”

The description text below the video states: “Two months into COVID lockdown, the band ‘American Made’ felt the country could use some inspiration. Friends and neighbors agreed. So they started a band, recorded a song, and got the neighbors together to make this video.”

The text adds that “a portion of the proceeds from each download goes to COVID19 related charity, Meals For Heroes.”

As the intro plays and footage shows dozens of people standing together donning cowboy hats, Burgard can be heard saying:

Getting this many people to come out to do a nice pro-American, Christian video is huge. The fact that you did it during COVID lockdown? You’re here because people are starting to figure out, yes we need to be cautious, yes we need to be smart, but we’re not frickin’ sheep, okay? This country was founded on freedom. This country wasn’t founded on fear.

The lyrics of the song say in part:

They say our reputation needs a new coat of paint and a delicate melody. But I say, I like the bruises ‘cause a melody don’t mean a thing if we don’t have the strength to sing.

And I won’t be made to ever feel ashamed that I am American made, I got American parts, I got American faith, an American heart. Go on and raise a flag, ‘cause I’ve got stars in my eyes. I’m in love with her, and I won’t apologize.

During a musical transition, various people are quoted:

“United we stand.”


“God bless America.”

“Don’t tread on me. World peace.”

Near the end of the video, a man walks up to a woman wearing a mask, tears it off, and the couple kiss and proceed to slow dance.

The music video features people dancing happily, cowboys roping and doing tricks, horses, motorcycles, and more as a band plays behind them.

Check out the full video here:

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