Ben Stiller Apologizes After Janice Dean Calls Him Out Over Cuomo Fundraiser

Fox News senior meteorologist Janice Dean ripped into Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo for hosting a pricey, extravagant virtual birthday party/fundraiser packed with celebrities while his state suffers under lockdown restrictions and the fatal consequences of his early nursing home orders.

“Restaurants closing, kids out of school, families losing loved ones and livelihoods but [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] is going to celebrate his birthday with his celebrity friends and raise thousands of dollars for himself,” Dean wrote, tagging attending celebrities: “Shame on [Whoopi Goldberg], [Ben Stiller], [Rosie Perez], [Henry Winkler].”

PS for all of you defenders saying ‘but but it’s virtual!’ the point was NOT about the event itself,” she explained. “It’s that [Gov. Andrew Cuomo] continues to raise money for himself while others are struggling to provide for their families.”

Dean, not a political figure, became a fiery advocate for the elderly after both of her husband’s parents died at long-term care facilities that were adhering to policies Cuomo approved, which proved deadly.

Cuomo required nursing homes and other long-term care facilities to take in COVID-19-positive patients, where the virus is far and away most deadly. The Democrat only reversed the policy on May 10, after thousands of deaths.

Actor Ben Stiller, one of the Hollywood celebrities to be featured at the expensive event, angrily replied to Dean in a now-deleted post: “Nothing wrong with supporting a politician. As you know the current president has been soliciting hundreds of millions to overturn the election, not for COVID relief. You wrote a book about spreading sunshine apparently.. You don’t like the Governor. I do. Don’t be divisive. Bye.”

As noted by BizPac Review, Stiller was seemingly unaware Dean’s book “Mostly Sunny: How I Learned to Keep Smiling Through the Rainiest Days” “is about her struggle with multiple sclerosis.”

“Nothing wrong with criticizing a politician who likes to profit off the deaths of New Yorkers. (He wrote a book too about ‘leadership’ during a pandemic),” Dean responded to Stiller. “You’re right, I don’t like the governor because his policies help kill my husbands parents. Enjoy your fundraiser.”

“I’m sorry for your loss. I’m not into coming down on people. You called me out. We all are dealing with this and I believe we need to be less divisive. All the best,” Stiller backtracked, noting that he deleted his initial tweet.

“It seems as though it’s ok for you to criticize Trump (and those who support him) and for me to not criticize a man (and those who support him) who’s bad decisions lead to the deaths of thousands of seniors,” Dean replied. “I am sorry for your loss as well and all the best to you.”

“I apologize for being ignorant of your circumstance,” Stiller said. “I would not have replied to your tweet if I did. I Wish you and your family all the best in this very hard time.”

Dean, true to form, accepted Stiller’s apology.

“Apology accepted,” she wrote. “I appreciate your reply and the kindness that came with it.”

Cuomo’s “Birthday & Holiday Reception” for his 63rd birthday is set for Dec. 17, with tickets put to $10,000 a pop. Stiller, it seems, is still set on attending. reported on the event: “The remaining ticket prices are $5,000 (‘Friend’), $2,500 (‘Patron’), $1,000 (‘Guest’) and $50 (‘Young Professional/Activist’). All of these ticket categories give access to the main reception for varying numbers of people, ranging from six to one.”

“A $10,000 ticket for the Thursday, Dec. 17 bash includes a ‘host reception’ with Cuomo — who the Associated Press has reported is one of the candidates president-elect Joe Biden is considering for Attorney General — as well as access to the main reception afterwards,” the report added. “Tickets are considered political contributions to Andrew Cuomo for New York, Inc.”

H/t BizPac Review 

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