BREAKING: Officer In Grand Jury Testimony: Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Initially Said Taylor Shot At Officers

According to released grand jury testimony, it was Breonna Taylor who shot at police officers during a March 13 raid on her apartment, boyfriend Kenneth Walker allegedly told police before changing his story.

Former Officer Brett Hankison told investigators during an interview heard by the grand jury that Walker “had told him ‘she was the one who shot at us,’” The Daily Mail reported Friday. “Walker later said that he was the one who opened fire.”

As noted by the outlet, “One of Taylor’s neighbors also told investigators that police had told her that ‘some drug-dealing girl shot an officer.’”

Kentucky’s Republican Attorney General Daniel agreed earlier this week to release recordings from the grand jury proceedings in the Taylor case after a former juror complained that “certain questions were left unanswered” and suggested that information presented to the grand jury was different from what Cameron presented to the public, reported The Daily Wire,

The released audio also reportedly indicated that officers said they knocked and announced themselves for up to one-to-two minutes before breaking down the door of the apartment.

“We knocked on the door, said ‘police,’ waited, I don’t know 10 or 15 seconds. Knocked again, said ‘police,’ waited even longer,” said Lt. Shawn Hoover in a recording from the day of the raid, The Daily Mail reported.

“So it was the third time that we were approaching, it had been like 45 seconds if not a minute,” Hoover said. “And then I said, ‘Let’s go, let’s breach it.’”

According to detective Michael Nobles, “officers made so much noise that an upstairs neighbor came outside and had to be told to go back inside,” the report noted.

Taylor was fatally shot during the raid after plainclothes officers returned fire. Walker, who had a legally registered gun, says he fired at the officers not knowing who was at the door.

“Our intent was to give her give plenty of time to come to the door because they said she was probably there alone,” said Sgt. Jonathan Mattingly, one of the three officers who discharged their weapons inside Taylor’s home, The Daily Wire reported.

CNN similarly reported: “Taylor’s apartment, according to police, was considered a less volatile, ‘soft target.’ As such, police commanders decided in advance to have officers knock and announce their presence before entry. That decision was communicated in a pre-operational briefing, according to a source familiar with the details of the operation who requested anonymity due to the ongoing investigation…”

“When there was no answer after repeated knocks, Mattingly said, he announced he was a police officer there to serve a search warrant,” the report added.

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