BREAKING: Rioters ‘Overrun’ Police Precinct In New York City, Another ‘Under Siege’

Violent rioters reportedly stormed a police precinct in New York City on Friday and lit law enforcement vehicles on fire.

CNN senior law enforcement analyst James Gagliano tweeted: “NYPD source informs me 88 Pct in Brooklyn just been overrun. Police Commissioner Shea has called a Level 3 mobilization. Requires all special units respond and four cars from every command in the city to location. 84 Pct under siege, as well. Also, Brooklyn North.”

Gagliano also shared a photograph of a police van that was lit on fire.

“Protests over the death of George Floyd erupted in Brooklyn where there have been at least 150 arrests and a dozen NYPD officers hurt,” ABC News reporter Aaron Katersky reported. “Demonstrators targeted two precincts, the 88 where a van was set on fire and the 79 were some made it inside before being arrested.”

“Several hundred police officers were rushed to the 88th Precinct in Clinton Hill, where protesters tagged police cars with profane graffiti like ‘F— the police,’ broke their mirrors, and wrecked them,” The New York Daily News reported. “Crowds began moving toward the precinct around 8:20 p.m., said reports. Some in the group tried to rush the police precinct’s door, said law enforcement sources. ”

Newsweek senior reporter Jason Lemon tweeted out a video of the police van getting lit on fire.


The news comes as riots also broke out in Atlanta at CNN’s headquarters and in Washington, D.C., at the White House and the Treasury Department.

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