California DA Launches Investigation Into Tara Reade’s Expert Testimony

Tara Reade, who recently accused former Vice President Joe Biden of a sexual assault that took place in the mid-1990s, once served as an “expert witness” in two felony cases — and her testimony is now under scrutiny by a California district attorney over concerns that Reade may have lied about her “expert” credentials under oath.

Politico reports that the Monterey County District Attorney has opened an investigation into Reade’s testimony, concerned that Reade misrepresented her credentials when she testified as an “expert witness” in a pair of domestic violence cases. Reade claimed to have graduated college and law school, and to have avoided taking the Bar exam.

Reade, of course, has become the subject of intense scrutiny, particularly by Biden’s political allies, who see Reade’s allegations, which lack corroborating evidence, as a threat to Biden’s chances in the 2020 presidential election. Reade has also exposed an interesting rift within the ranks of the left: those willing to support survivors of sexual assault across the board as opposed to those who “believe women” only when it’s politically expedient.

Media and other investigations of Reade’s claims against Biden have revealed interesting biases, as well. Over the weekend, evidence surfaced that the New York Times, when probing Reade’s claims, asked Reade leading questions and attacked the case largely as if they were Biden’s defense team, according to a Fox News report.

Now, Reade’s sudden prominence has landed her in hot water with a California DA.

“Recent news reports have raised questions about Reade’s testimony under oath, including whether she falsely claimed to have completed her bachelor’s degree, gave false testimony about taking the bar exam and exaggerated her job duties in Biden’s office,” Politico reported Tuesday.

It appears Reade claimed, under oath, that she completed a Bachelor’s degree, but the school she lists as her alma mater, Antioch University in Seattle, confirmed to Politico only that she completed “three academic quarters and did not graduate.” They also denied Reade’s claim that she “had a special arrangement with a former chancellor to credit her with an undergraduate degree under a different name.”

Reade did attend law school at Seattle University Law School, the outlet found. Seattle University requires proof of a Bachelor’s degree to earn admission to the school.

The Monterey County DA also wants to know whether Reade was being truthful when she said she never took a Bar exam to earn her law license. Although Reade says she did not, on a personal blog that Reade kept more than a decade ago, she claims to have taken the test three times and failed.

Reade testified in two felony domestic violence cases, according to the Monterey County DA, and defense attorneys in both of those cases now want answers as to whether Reade lied under oath, and as to whether her testimony might have made a difference in any subsequent convictions.

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