Communist Activist Who Wants To Defund Police, Abolish Prisons Offered Job As Seattle’s ‘Homelessness Czar’

A Seattle activist who has called for abolishing the police and prisons has been named the city’s “Homelessness Czar,” a position that will allow him to establish and run the new Regional Homeless Authority for Seattle and surrounding King County.

KOMO News reported that Marc Dones, a consultant and executive director of the National Innovation Service, was offered the job last Thursday. The Seattle Times reported that Dones accepted the job. Dones, KOMO reported, had been contracted by Seattle to work to build the RHA before being offered to run the agency after the board overseeing the agency’s first choice, Regina Cannon of Atlanta, declined the position.

KOMO reported that Dones’ position “could set the agenda for how the region responds to one of the most pressing problems in the area.”

Not mentioned in the KOMO article is the fact that Dones has advocated for abolishing capitalism in favor of communism and called for defunding the police and prisons. The Post Millennial reported that NIS, the organization Dones currently leads, says on its website that it aims to “fundamentally transform the structures and outcomes of America’s public systems,” because “We know that our systems are built on the foundation of structural racism, which drives these cycles of failure.”

Seattle, the Millennial reported, has been in the midst of a “homelessness crisis” for more than a decade, with thousands living “on the streets and in growing tent encampments since the outbreak of the coronavirus.”

From the Millennial:

In April of 2020, Dones tweeted, “Let me remind you that it is never too late to pivot society towards full scale luxury communism.” The term is based on a book by Aaron Bastani which calls for “automation,” as “the path to a world of liberty, luxury and happiness.” He also advocated for no more fossil fuels and instead mankind should mine asteroids for essential minerals. Bastani also call for “Genetic editing and synthetic biology” to “prolong life” and “virtually eliminate disease” and eventually hoped to “provide meat without animals.”

While Dones claims to be a champion of racial equality, he is also championing a person like Bastani has posted vile anti Semitic rhetoric and supported radical anti Semitic politicians like Jeremy Corbyn.

Further, the outlet reported, Dones “has repeatedly called for the abolition of police departments across the country and supported the Minneapolis City Council decision to defund their police department which led to an exponential increase in crime. The spike was so devastating that the council voted to refund the police.”

Seattle also has seen a spike in crime after the city council defunded its police department, with homicides doubling in 2020.

While claiming to be pro-communism, Dones will be earning an estimated salary of $130,000 for the position. He also received hundreds of thousands of dollars from his alleged father, basketball star Isiah Thomas, the New York Post reported. Dones received $52,000 from a 1987 settlement with the former basketball player and nearly $3,000 a month until he turned 18, when he received a lump sum of $100,000.

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