Democrat Congressman Accused Of Abusing Position, Breaking Law By Covering Up Affair With Former Intern

An ethics complaint has been filed against Rep. Steven Horsford (D-NV) over allegations that he abused his power and possibly even broke the law while having an affair with an intern.

The Washington Free Beacon reported that Americans for Public Trust, described as a “nonpartisan government accountability organization,” filed the complaint with the House Office of Congressional Ethics (OCE), requesting an investigation.

“Representative Steven Horsford’s concealment of an ongoing affair implicates an abuse of his official position and potentially federal law. His use of financial payments, staff time, and repeated run-ins with legal obligations betray the public trust,” the letter stated, according to the Free Beacon. “Ultimately, his conduct for the past ten years destroys the credibility of his office and fails to maintain the integrity of the House. Therefore, we respectfully urge OCE to investigate this matter and any potential violations of federal law and standards of House ethics.”

The letter also suggest Horsford had other conduct issues that needed to be investigated.

“Representative Horsford’s past behavior of unpaid debts, contractual violations, and traffic citations demonstrates a perpetual history of failing to abide by the law,” the letter said. “His lack of transparency in his own life fails to reflect positively upon the House, warranting investigation.”

Horsford’s office didn’t respond to a Free Beacon request for comment, but Americans for Public Trust Executive Director Caitlin Sutherland told the outlet, “These are very serious allegations, and we encourage the Office of Congressional Ethics to review this matter.”

Last week, Horsford admitted to the decade-long affair with a former intern for retired Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) after questions from the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

“It is true that I had a previous relationship outside of my marriage, over the course of several years,” Horsford told the outlet. “I’m deeply sorry to all of those who have been impacted by this very poor decision, most importantly my wife and family. Out of concern for my family during this challenging time, I ask that our privacy is respected.”

His staff told the Review-Journal that Horsford never gave the intern, Gabriela Linder, money from congressional or campaign funds. Linder first detailed the affair on a podcast in April titled, “Mistress for Congress.” Linder, according to the Free Beacon referred to Horsford as “Bob” during the first two episodes and used the pseudonym “Love Jones.”

“The Review-Journal had contacted Linder after investigating Love Jones,” the Free Beacon reported. “The Love Jones Twitter account revealed the congressman’s identity in a tweet on April 29, Horsford’s birthday.”

The Twitter account then made a comment about “women’s stories” being ignored and railed against the “patriarchy.”

“Women’s stories are often left out of history because they are silenced. It’s time to #smashthepatriarchy BOLDLY!” the account tweeted.

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