France Discovers Coronavirus From China Hit Their Country Much Sooner Than Realized

A hospital in France that retested old samples from pneumonia patients found that it got its first confirmed case of the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, back in late December — nearly a month earlier than previously expected.

“Yves Cohen, head of resuscitation at the Avicenne and Jean Verdier hospitals in the northern suburbs of Paris, told BFM TV that scientists had retested samples from 24 patients treated in December and January who tested negative for the flu” and that one of the 24 samples tested positive for the coronavirus, Reuters reported.

Each sample was reportedly tested again several times to ensure that there were no errors.

Cohen said that the man was sick for over two weeks and that he infected his two children but his wife, who was the only person the man had had contact with, was not infected.

The wife worked at a supermarket next to a sushi stand which was reportedly being operated by “colleagues of Chinese origin.”

U.S. officials, and most of the 17 agencies that comprise the U.S. Intelligence Community, say that the coronavirus accidentally leaked out a lab in Wuhan and that patient 0 infected their partner who then visited a wet market where the outbreak exploded.

A leaked intelligence dossier from the Five Eyes intelligence alliance — which is comprised of intelligence agencies from the U.S., U.K., Australia, New Zealand, and Canada — stated that China had proof on December 6 that the coronavirus could be transmitted from human-to-human, a fact that they deceptively hid from the world for over 6 weeks; reportedly so they could hoard medical supplies from around the world.

A recent CDC study found that the R0 (pronounced R-naught) number in Wuhan was as high as 5.7, which is significantly higher than the previous estimate which was in the 2-3 range. While the increase may seem small, when played out over a numerous rounds of transmission, the increase in the R0 number is actually quite significant.

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