Hider-In-Chief: Biden Hit For Being ‘Least Accessible’ President In Modern History

President Joe Biden has been labeled America’s “Hider-in-Chief” after a new report on Friday that claimed he is the “least accessible” president in modern American history.

“Joe Biden is the least accessible president in modern history,” Jacki Kotkiewicz, director of policy research for the GOP, tweeted on Friday.

The report listed numerous broken promises by the president, noting that Biden “hasn’t sat down for an interview since November 8th, over one month ago.”

The American Presidency Project revealed that the president has given fewer press conferences and interviews than the past five presidents. Only one press conference was listed for November and one in October.

The GOP insights show Biden’s pattern of hiding from tough questions by leaving Washington, D.C. “spending three times as many weekends at his Delaware home or at Camp David than at the White House.”

The report also observed that White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki previously claimed the president “takes questions several times a week,” but has since backtracked on the position.

Politico argued as far back as April that Biden’s inaccessibility is strategic.

“Three months in, Joe Biden’s White House has settled on a firm press strategy: First, do no self-harm. … It’s the Hippocratic Oath for engagement with the fourth estate. And if it means criticism from the press and opponents about Biden’s availability, so be it.”

Biden has often been criticized over hiding from reporters, including walking away from reporters asking questions after his remarks.

The report also argues the president has also hidden from the American people.

One example cited a group of 43 organizations that sent a letter to Biden in February advocating for greater “transparency” following his signing of 17 executive orders and directives during his early days in office.

“Transparency is foundational to a government of the people, by the people, for the people,” the leaders wrote.

“We call on you to embrace open government as one of your administration’s most important priorities and one of the most consequential legacies that your presidency could bequeath to future generations,” they added.

USA Today reported in March that, “Over the past 100 years, no president has gone as long as Biden without conducting a formal session with White House reporters.”

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