Justin Bieber Files $20 Million Defamation Lawsuit Against Women Who Accused Him Of Sexual Assault

Last week, pop-star Justin Bieber was accused of sexually assaulting two women in separate incidents. The singer immediately disputed the claims with photos, articles, and receipts proving he could not have been where the women claimed he was when he allegedly assaulted them. Bieber has now filed a $20 million defamation suit against the women.

Bieber and his attorneys quickly filed the defamation lawsuit after the allegations from two women, known only as Danielle and Kadi, were made on social media, People reported. Bieber’s attorneys have called the accusations against the pop star “factually impossible, and disproven both by indisputable documentary evidence and the individuals’ own admissions.”

“Danielle claimed she was sexually assaulted at the Four Seasons Hotel on March 9, 2014, however, Bieber did not stay at that hotel in March 2014 and there are multiple witnesses and documentary evidence to dispute Danielle’s malicious lie,” said the complaint, obtained by People. It went on to call Kadi’s allegations “likewise factually impossible, are contradicted by her own prior written statements, are supported only by falsified or faked texts.”

“Danielle fabricated her sexual encounter with Bieber at the Four Seasons Hotel because it was publicly reported that Bieber had dinner at the Four Seasons Restaurant on March 10, 2014 and presumed that Bieber was at the hotel because of the public reports of him dining at the restaurant,” the lawsuit continued. “However, even though Bieber went to the restaurant, he did NOT stay at the Four Seasons Hotel.”

As The Daily Wire’s James Barrett previously reported, Bieber defended himself against Danielle’s claims in a lengthy series of tweets.

“As her story told I did surprise a crowd in Austin at Sxsw where I appeared on stage with my then assistant side stage and sang a few songs. What this person did not know was that I attended that show with my then [girlfriend] Selena Gomez,” he wrote before linking to a US Magazine article about Gomez attending the event with him.

“These photos clearly show me on stage with my assistant sidestage and the other with both of us in the streets of Austin afterwards on March 9 2014,” Bieber continued, linking to another article. “Here is article that shows we didn’t arrive in Austin that night from Selena’s show in Houston until late in the night.”

“The other reason this story might say I was staying at the Four Seasons was because a tweet from 2014 on March 10th, not the the 9th, says they saw me there,” he added along with the screenshot of the tweet. “However I never stayed at the Four Seasons on the 9th or the 10th. This person put another tweet up earlier saying they saw me at the restaurant the following night not the hotel.”

“Furthermore I stayed with Selena and our friends at an airbnb on the 9th and on the 10th stayed at a Westin because our hotel reservation at LÀ Quinta and not the four seasons was messed up. Here are the receipts for the hotel on the 10th,” he said, including photos of the tweets.

Bieber also included pictures of receipts for the AirBnB where he, Gomez, and their friends stayed in Austin, as well as photos of them at the rental property. He then added photos of receipts showing he stayed at the Westin on March 10th.

As to Kadi’s claim, Bieber’s lawsuit noted that he could not have been at the Langham hotel at 2:30 a.m. on May 5, 2015 because he was at the after party for the Met Gala, where witnesses placed him.

Bieber accused Kadi of being “desperate to meet him and desperate his attention and for fame.”

“Kadi has admitted on her Twitter page that she wants to be famous, to be a star on a Netflix series by using Twitter, stating in a pinned tweet, ‘I wanna star in a netflix series! twitter do ur thing’ ” in 2018, the lawsuit said.

Bieber’s lawsuit also cited several tweets from Kadi making clear she had never met Bieber but desperately wanted to, including one tweet saying she would “pay you to rape me.”

Kadi’s Twitter account is still up, but Danielle removed hers.

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