LA Times On Trump Infection Vs Reagan Being Shot: Reagan Didn’t Spend Months ‘Downplaying Assassins’

The Los Angeles Times faced backlash online late Friday afternoon over a report that it published comparing President Donald Trump’s coronavirus diagnosis to the assassination attempt of former President Ronald Reagan.

“When President Ronald Reagan was shot and nearly killed by a would-be assassin, the country rallied around him,” Del Quentin Wilber wrote. “But he also hadn’t spent eight months downplaying the threat of deranged gunmen.”

The Los Angeles Times writer highlighted Reagan being shot and then claimed that it was “very much in doubt” whether Trump would garner the type of sympathy that Reagan did “not only because of the events leading up to his illness, but also the sharp differences between the personalities of the two men, which can be seen by their immediate reactions to their health crises.”

The report attacked Trump’s credibility, claiming that it has been “nearly four years of repeated falsehoods and disinformation.”

There was widespread backlash to the report online with many calling out the classlessness of the piece, while others noted that it was not even listed as an op-ed, but was published as a news story.

Journalist Yashar Ali wrote on Twitter: “I thought this was like an opinion piece but it’s a news story? Just an insane way to frame this. Other publications did stuff like ‘After months of downplaying Coronavirus threat…’ but they didn’t involve presidential assassinations.”

Political commentator Tatjana Pasalic wrote: “This is absolutely vile.”

Political commentator Stephen Miller wrote: “How the f*** are you people struggling to keep it together more than the guy with COVID-19? How? This is a miracle.”

Democrat and former CIA officer Bryan Dean Wright wrote: “A new low in American journalism.”

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