‘Like, What Will Our Conversations Even Be?’: ‘Saturday Night Live’ Skewers Trump Haters

“Saturday Night Live” is known for skewing hard left, but the late-night comedy show took some shots at liberals who have spent the last four years hating President Trump.

In a mock campaign ad, the camera cuts quickly between a half dozen people as they talk about Trump’s presidency and what would occur if Joe Biden is elected president.

“Everyone knows this could be the most important election in our nation’s history,” one person says.

“And the two choices couldn’t be more different,” says another.

“Do we want four more years of Donald Trump?” says a third.

“Or a fresh start with Joe Biden,” says a fourth.

Then the ad continues, with a different person saying a single line throughout.

“Can we survive four more years of scandal, name-calling and racial division?”

“Or do we want a leader who unites the country?”

“I want to vote for Biden, because he’s better, smarter, better and — better. But I’m worried.”

“I’m worried too.”

“Because if Donald Trump isn’t president…”

“… Then what are we going to talk about?”

“Like, what will our conversations even be?”

“Because the only thing I talked about for four years, is Donald Trump.”

“Every single day I tell someone, ‘Can you believe what Trump just said?’”

“My entire personality is hating Donald Trump. If he’s gone, what am I supposed to do? Focus on my kids again? No thanks.”

“I argue with my dad every day about Trump. Before this, we hadn’t spoken in years.”

“I used to watch civil rights videos and wonder what it would be like to live in those times. Now thanks to Trump, I get it.”

“What is the news even going to be about now?”

“I am really worried for Rachel Maddow. Like, what is he even gonna’ talk about?”

“What about his tweets? What am I going to send to my friends now and and be like, ‘This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen.’ And then one out of every 10 I’ll be like, this is legit funny. He’s genuinely hilarious.”

“Sure, he’s historically bad for the country, but he gave us so much.”

“Injecting bleach in our blood…”

“… Openly calling African nations s***holes…”

“… Kids in cages wasn’t even a phrase before Trump.”

“He changed the game. He called the Attorney General he appointed mentally retarded. That’s some next level s***.”

“I mean he started with an impression of a disabled reporter. That was the starting point. Best case scenario: Biden gets there by like year three.”

“That’s why on November 3, I’ll be worried.”

“About the election sure…”

“… The future of democracy, or whatever…”

“… But I’ll really be worried about my favorite villain disappearing.”

“Like, if they replaced the Joker with Batman’s Butler Alfred, sure, Gotham would be more stable, but I’d rather watch the Joker blow up a hospital.”

“And then I remembered that even if he loses, Trump isn’t going away.”

“Yeah, if anything, he’s gonna’ get more vocal…”

“… And angrier…”

“… And crazier…”

“… And with all his crimes, there’s bound to be a trial at some point, and maybe Trump will represent himself in court.”

“OK, I gotta’ stop getting my hopes up.”

“And then, who knows, maybe Donald and Ivanka will run together in 2020.”

“What is wrong with you?

“I’m just throwing it out there.”

Now that’s gonna’ happen. And I’m gonna hate you for it.”

“Would be hilarious though.”

The ad ends with a narrator saying: “Paid for by Trump addicts of America. You know he’s bad for you, but it’s hard to imagine life without him.”

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