News Roundup: Faucian Bargain Exposed; Biden’s Dodgy Deal On Tape; Democrats Go Low

After warning us for months to disinfect every surface we touch, the CDC has now quietly changed its stance, admitting that “the virus does not spread easily” through contaminated surfaces but instead travels person to person. In other words, the masks, the gloves, and even the lockdowns are mostly useless. The alarmists who pushed disastrous policies through bunk science made a deal with the devil — a “Faucian bargain,” if you will — to trade their credibility for the promise of limitless power on the premise of limitless knowledge. As with all such deals, the bargain has left the power-grabbers with nothing.

Florida governor Ron DeSantis took a victory lap in a press briefing with Vice President Mike Pence, excoriating public health officials and pundits whose doomsday predictions turned out false. Meanwhile, the fear-mongers, bereft of any convincing argument, have resorted to name-calling and demands for censorship. MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski called President Trump “a cruel, sick, disgusting person” and asked Twitter to ban his account. Nancy Pelosi likened the President to a child with “doggy doo” on his shoes. So much for “when they go low, we go high.” So much for “science and data.”

Perhaps the Left intends its temper tantrum to distract from recently leaked audio of a phone call in which presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden discussed his dodgy deal with then-Ukraine president Petro Poroshenko. In the call both Biden and Poroshenko acknowledge trading a billion dollar U.S. loan guarantee for Poroshenko’s promise to fire the prosecutor general investigating corruption involving Biden’s son Hunter, who inexplicably received a $900,000 payout from a Ukrainian energy company. But Democrats won’t be able to keep Biden’s deal out of the news for long: the Senate voted Wednesday to subpoena key associates of Hunter Biden as it investigates what Joe Biden knew, and when he knew it.

If Joe goes down, his running mate will matter all the more, and several prominent politicians are vying for the spot. Candidates include embattled Michigan governor Gretchen Whitmer, who boasted on NBC News that she has spoken with the Biden team, and Minnesota senator Amy Klobuchar, who has been formally asked to undergo vetting, according to a source with knowledge of the discussion. But the media’s favorite candidate in the running is failed Georgia gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams, whom the Washington Post implausibly likened to a “runway model” in a recent, prolix puff piece. The Left has spent more than a year pretending Abrams is the rightful governor of Georgia, so they might well daydream her onto the catwalk and then the Naval Observatory—if only they had any credibility left to lose.

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