Rose McGowan Backs Matthew McConaughey: ‘Hollywood Has Been Condescending,’ ‘Break The Class Structure’

Though Rose McGowan has been a sharp critic of Democrats for their hypocrisy, especially regarding the #MeToo movement, the actress has largely refrained from calling out woke-scolds for their harsh treatment of those who think differently … that is, until now.

In a tweet on Thursday, the former “Scream” star publicly backed actor Matthew McConaughey over his comments last week in which he sharply rebuked the radical Left for their condescending attitude toward conservatives.

“Matthew McConaughey is right. Hollywood has been condescending, northern elite media liberals, too & it trickles down. Far before Trump presidency illiberal condescension & patronization has formed how too many think. Break the class structure,” she wrote.

Speaking with comedian Russel Brand last week, McConaughey criticized conservatives for believing in “fake news,” and criticized leftists for treating their opponents with disdain and disrespect.

“This is where the Left misses it for me, just as far as being a marketeer of a political side. When you say, ‘Hey, we want to get out the vote; we want people to be able to go vote; we’re going to do a campaign to let people vote.’ I’m like, 100%. Yes, everyone. Is there anyone who would say no to that? That’s universal. You have 100% of the audience going, ‘I’m in, that’s a constitutional right as an American, I’m in, yes!’” McConaughey said.

“And then they can’t help themselves. At the very end of it, they go, ‘So we don’t let those criminal b*stards get back in office.’ You’re going, ‘Whoa!’ You’re like, no, don’t say the last part. You lost 50% of your audience,” he continued. “And that’s part of why so much of the nation, of that 50%, looks at us in Hollywood as, like, going, ‘Oh, yeah, another celebrity over there, and the West Coasters, and the elite in the Northeast.’”

“From just a sales point of view, don’t tab that gotcha on the end, and then you have, your audience is twice as big and you’re getting what you want,” he added.

Earlier this year, in the wake of Democrats ignoring Tara Reade’s accusation of sexual assault against Joe Biden, Rose McGowan expressly stated that the party no longer represented her.

“I used to be a proud Democrat. I used to be a proud American,” she said. “I would’ve died for this damn country and its ideals. I was raised to be a proud Democrat. When my youngest brother graduated as a fighter pilot at the Air Force Academy, I wore a Vote John Kerry pin (lol), got into verbal altercations with big men who were mad I was a Democrat. They were twice my size [and] I had to listen to GW Bush give the keynote address [and] John Ashcroft singing his terrible eagle song.”

After recalling her strong dislike for Republicans, McGowan then admitted that she no longer feels like there is a party that lines up with her value system.

“I was always told it was the Democratic Party that were the good guys, that our papers were The New York Times and The Washington Post,” she said. “But now I know too much. And I feel really quite a sense of loss tonight.”

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