Trump Calls Violent Protesters ‘Terrorists.’ Stelter Mocks Trump. Then Dana Loesch Hammers Stelter.

On Thursday, President Trump, speaking with Fox News’ Sean Hannity, spoke about violent protesters, asserting, “I mean, it’s a disgrace what’s happened to our country. Now, with that being said, the Republicans have to get tougher. And I’m telling them all the time, because they’re sitting back, they want to be politically correct. They think, ‘Oh, it’s terrible to say something bad.’ No, no, no. I told them, ‘You’ll see, if anyone attacks’ … I stopped it the other night, I stopped it a number of times, but you’ll see what’s happening. And we told them, every night we’re going to get tougher and tougher. At some point, there’s going to be retribution, because there has to be. These people are vandals, but they’re agitators, but they’re really terrorists, in a sense.”

Of course, Trump’s remarks were taken by the mainstream media and twisted so it looked as though he was speaking only about people who vandalized monuments:

CNN’s Brian Stelter snapped on Twitter, “There we go again with the president using the word ‘terrorists.’”

Author and political commentator Dana Loesch, who has been subjected to a torrent of abuse over the years from leftists who targeted her for her staunch support of Second Amendment rights, fired back at Stelter, “I’m curious, have you ever objected as vociferously whenever I and other law-abiding gun owners were referred to as ‘terrorists’ on your network? We never vandalized monuments or burned down buildings.”

Loesch added, “I mean, there is a sitting congresswoman who called me and others ‘domestic security threats’ but by all means, everyone clutch your pearls if the Antifa people burning down buildings, beating people in the streets, are referred to as ‘terrorists.’”

In August 2017. Rep. Kathleen Rice (D-NY) tweeted, “I’m just going to say it. #NRA & @DLoesch are quickly becoming domestic security threats under President Trump. We can’t ignore that.”

Last October, Loesch appeared on Fox News, where she stated, “All day today, these same individuals, these same Democrat lawmakers that have been screeching and raging because President Trump used the phrase ‘the lynching’ to talk about the witchhunt on him, these are the same lawmakers that are calling innocent law-abiding Americans, referring to them as ‘domestic security threats’ and ‘terrorists.’ So I think they kind of need to look in the mirror a little bit if they want to start being the rhetoric police.”

She added, “These are also the same individuals, Democrats like Bernie Sanders, you have people like Kamala Harris, Joe Biden, particularly Biden and Harris, that have been trying to run away from their hard-on-crime, tough-on-crime stances previously because now it’s in vogue for Democrats to be soft on crime.”

In early June, Loesch fired a fusillade at a journalist who took issue with Loesch’s husband Chris suggesting that if necessary, snipers should be deployed to protect the White House and President Trump from violent rioters. Dana Loesch issued a Twitter thread saying:

Holy cow. Note to all: Don’t dare condemn the violent riots resulting in businesses burning to the ground, don’t dare criticize the rioters beating women in the streets with 2x4s, don’t criticize the rioters who murdered David Dorn, don’t dare discuss self defense hypotheticals.

She continued: “No. You are not going to try to incite with this white progressive male Karen bullshit, shaming people who dare to discuss self defense when people have been KILLED in these violent riots. The nerve of this guy — people of all ethnicities are losing everything in these riots, right after they barely stayed afloat during a lockdown, and after seeing death and destruction on TV for a week straight, you’re going to shame thing for wondering about self defense? GTFO.”

Loesch concluded, “This idea of spreading injustice to further the righteous cause of justice is insane. The defense of murder and mayhem as the price of justice is insane. Full effing stop.”

Of course, Democrats can call their opponents “terrorists” as much as they want, as evidenced by this tweet from former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton after peaceful demonstrators showed up in Michigan to protest the Draconian policies of Governor Gretchen Whitmer:

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