Trump Hopes Tara Reade’s Allegation Against Biden Is False ‘For His Sake’

Following Tara Reade’s recent interview with Megyn Kelly, President Trump said he hoped her sexual assault allegation against Biden is false “for his sake.”

Speaking with “Fox & Friends” on Friday, the president, while recalling the many accusations of sexual assault he himself has faced, said he had seen Reade’s interview with Megyn Kelly and concluded that Biden has to fight the battle that will prove his innocence.

“I’ve had battles too where I’ve had false accusations many times,” Trump said, as reported by Fox News. “I think you understand that. We had one recently — a woman in Florida made an accusation and it was one time. It was on a camera and the judge is furious. It went to court because I’m not going to … they made a false accusation. It went to court and proved my case 100 percent. I got lucky. Somebody was taping a meeting.”

“Are you saying [that] what [Tara Reade is] saying is false?” co-host Ainsley Earhardt asked.

“I don’t know if it’s false or not,” Trump replied.  “I mean, Joe is going to have to be able to prove whatever he has to prove or she has to prove it, but that’s a battle he has to fight.

“I’ve had many false accusations made. I can tell you that, many. And, maybe it is a false accusation,” he added. “Frankly, I hope it is, for his sake.”

During her interview with Megyn Kelly on Thursday, Reade called on Biden to drop out of the race while asserting she would testify under oath.

“I want to say, ‘You and I were there, Joe Biden.’ Please step forward and be held accountable. You should not be running on character for the president of the United States,” Reade said.

“You want him to withdraw,” Kelly responded.

“I wish he would, but he won’t, but I wish he would. That’s how I feel emotionally,” replied Reade.

In March, Tara Reade claimed that then-senator Joe Biden sexually assaulted her while she served as an aide in his Senate offices during the Clinton administration. She has since detailed her account in multiple interviews and filed a criminal complaint against the former vice president with the Washington, D.C., police department. A former neighbor of Reade and Reade’s brother have both publicly stated that Reade told them of the alleged assault in the 1990s. Recently surfaced evidence also suggests that Reade’s mother called in to CNN’s Larry King in the 1990s to complain about a prominent senator with whom her daughter had “problems.”

Last Saturday, The Associated Press reported that two new people, both of whom wished to remain anonymous, said that Reade spoke of Biden’s behavior prior to her going public.

On Thursday, new evidence emerged that appeared to support Reade’s claim when the San Louis Obispo Tribune reported on court documents from 1996 that revealed she had complained about sexual harassment in Biden’s senate offices.

A court document from 1996 shows former Senate staffer Tara Reade told her ex-husband she was sexually harassed while working for Joe Biden in 1993.

“The declaration — exclusively obtained by The Tribune in San Luis Obispo, California — does not say Biden committed the harassment nor does it mention Reade’s more recent allegations of sexual assault,” reported the outlet. “Reade’s then-husband Theodore Dronen wrote the court declaration. Dronen at the time was contesting a restraining order Reade filed against him days after he filed for divorce, Superior Court records show.”

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