WATCH: Juanita Broaddrick: Tara Reade ‘Had So Many Details That Christine Blasey Ford Would Never Dream Of Having’

On Monday, appearing on TheHill.TV’s “Rising,” Juanita Broaddrick fiercely defended Tara Reade, the woman who has made sexual assault allegations against former Vice President Joe Biden, saying she was a “very, very intelligent, credible woman” who “had so many details, so many details, that Christine Blasey Ford would never dream of having.” She added, “Tara is much more brave than I am.”

Broaddrick began by acknowledging, “I’m happy to be here. Anything I can do for Tara. She’s a very, very intelligent, credible woman.”

Asked what Reade had said that made Broaddrick believe her, Broaddrick responded, “It’s that she had so any details, so many details, that Christine Blasey Ford would never dream of having. And the tone of her voice, I’ve never met her personally, but we talked at length. I’ve talked with many women who have gone through what she has gone through and what I have gone through. There’s just a vibration that you feel and you know when someone has really suffered this. Now people may think that I’m crazy, but it’s been 40 years since it happened to me, really, 42, and you just develop a sense of when someone is telling the truth.”

Queried whether Reade’s situation was different from her own, Broaddrick answered, “It’s similar, but it’s absolutely different also. Tara is much more brave than I am. Back in ’91, when Bill Clinton first started running for president, I was too afraid to come forward even back then. I never came forward; I had gotten past this and I had a happy life, and I did not want to rock the boat at all.”

She continued, “It’s so different because there wasn’t a #MeToo. But it’s much the same, too, because here you had President Bill Clinton that was doing so much for the feminists and they did not want to go against him because they had so many bills in the process of being passed for women. And now you have the very same thing going on with Biden: he’s getting the support from the feminist groups just like Clinton did.”

Asked why the media has not “given Reade the space to be believed,” Broaddrick replied, “It’s just like Clinton; Biden is running for president. They hate Trump. They’ll do anything. Did you see Lisa Bloom’s comment on Twitter? Oh, my God! ‘I believe you, Tara, but I still must vote for Joe Biden.’ That’s the most ridiculous statement ever.”

Broaddrick had informed Fox News that she and Reade had communicated via phone, saying, “I just told her, any time she needed anything or wanted to talk, to call me and she almost immediately called me. I believe her. I spoke with her on the phone, we spoke at length… this is a very, very believable woman.” She added that they “text every few days,” but seeing Reade’s story on television elicited “too many bad memories” about what had happened to her.

Broadrrick continued, “The mainstream media is so liberal and they’re going to support anybody that’s running against a Republican. They’re going to be there, regardless of what’s been brought up about that person … It’s got to get to the point that politics do not play a part in this. It just depends what side of the aisle they’re on. If they’re against Trump, they’re not going to come out for Tara Reade. And Tara Reade is not a Trump supporter.”

Noting the 1993 CNN clip with a woman who was allegedly Reade’s mother calling in to “Larry King Live,” Broaddrick said, “She texted me after the Larry King thing came out and said, ‘Isn’t that great, my momma coming from the beyond.’ My father died when I was 26 or 27, and I’ve always wondered what he would have done had he been alive when I was raped by Bill Clinton… I was his girl; he was so protective over me.”

Video below:

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