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Photo: Kathy, me and her husband Art ….

I recently received tragic news concerning a beloved colleague, Kathy Shaidle of Blazing Cat Fur and Five Feet of Fury is gravely ill. Kathy is a blog editrix, author, columnist, poet and wife —  the modern incarnation of the renaissance man. But above all, a fighter.

Kathy and I go back a long time, one of the counter- jihad OGs post 9/11. Once teaming with life, most of those folks have fallen away, sold out or worse joined the enemy (SE Cupp, Jennifer Rubin, etc), few had that testicular fortitude to fight the battles, wage the wars in the information battle-space in spite of the hate, lies, smears, defamation we  that left employed to destroy us in their war on freedom and individualism.

In a world of spineless, gutless posers, all bark, no bite and even less loyalty, Kathy and her wonderful, devoted husband Art, are that rarest of things, steadfast, honest true. I have, in my life, met only handful of souls who were are principled human beings with the courage of their convictions.

Please contribute to her fight.

Kathy’s Fundraiser

Kathy in NYC several years ago.

Blazing Cat Fur, December 10 2020:

It is difficult for me to write that Kathy is suffering ovarian cancer and is now in palliative care. Kath is still fighting hard and we hope hope to hold on to her at home for as long as we can. She is doing well and has homecare nurses and a doctor attending.

This is day three of Kathy’s Fundraiser. We’ve had a wonderful response to date and both Kathy and I are very grateful.We know it’s a big favour to ask but we have about $50,000.00 dollars left on our mortgage and hope to pay it down before its scheduled end in 2024. As many of you know my Sainted Irish Mother has been looked after by Kathy and I these past few years. Kathy worked from home allowing me to work outside. That has now ended as I now look after both and our financial situation has taken a huge hit. Eliminating the monthly mortgage payment will ease our financial situation considerably and allow Mom to be looked after at home while I work part time. LTC in Ontario is a Covid nightmare and not an option.

If you can help with a donation or already have we thank you. We know not everyone can but your kind wishes and prayers mean as much to us.

You can donate via the PayPal Kitty button  via Interac email transfer to blazingcatfur@gmail.com.

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