Abortion activists want to ban Pro-life student group as “terrorists”

Abortion-supporting students at a Christian university are attempting to get a pro-life group kicked off campus for being “terrorists”.

Matt Lamb of Students for Life of America says a pro-life chapter has been approved by the student government at Case Western Reserve University, angering intolerant pro-choice fascists on campus.

Case Western, a private research university, can trace its roots back to the 1820s and an effort to introduce more ministers to the Midwest. Today, the school has a student population of approximately 11,900 with the motto “Christ and the Church.”

Pro-choice students at Case Western Reserve University in Ohio were upset that the Undergraduate Student Government approved the Students for Life group on campus. In a petition, the intolerant group who refuses any diversity of thought, is trying to get Students for Life kicked off campus, organizing a referendum on the group. In their petition, the group calls Students for Life “terrorists”, whereas the Pro-choice are the real terrorists, and the Pro-life the open-minded who accept other opinion voices to be heard.

In reaction, Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America said:

“It is unbelievable that pro-choice students would call peaceful pro-lifers ‘terrorists,’ because we pray and sidewalk counsel outside of abortion facilities. The pro-life generation and the pro-life movement is one of peace; we, after all, work every day to end the violence of abortion. It is the incendiary language from pro-choicers that leads to violence and hatred against pro-lifers. Clearly, these students need to take a few more classes on Constitutional law, as abortion is jerry-rigged into law through Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, not the 14th amendment, which legal experts argue actually offers protections to lives, born and preborn, if correctly applied. 

Pro-choice attacks us because, as they say: “Students for Life operate with the goal to completely abolish abortion: a right provided by the fourteenth amendment of the Constitution of the United States and a human right recognized by the United Nations.”

  • But first, the fourteenth amendment doesn’t grant the right to abortion. If it did, the conversation would be a very different one.
  • Second, if Pro-choice students were truly concerned about the Constitution, they would not ignore the first amendment and cancel other people’s freedom of expression. You don’t get to cherry-pick the amendment you like and order the opponents to obey it, and at the same time ignore the ones you don’t like, and act as if you don’t have to respect and enforce them.

Lily Hutkowski, the Indiana/Ohio Regional Coordinator for Students for Life rightly added:

“Ironically, these students seek to shut off debate and the sharing of information in the name of ‘protecting women.’ Free speech rights must be protected on campus. We look forward to confronting the astounding ignorance and hatred that the pro-abortion students are promoting on campus.”

Fortunately, the Case Western Students for Life group is set to continue operating, as both the student government and the administration have appeared sympathetic and supportive of the Students for Life group.

Why it matters

In my long experience, what progressive activists accuse you of is exactly what they are guilty of.

This is a very human characteristic: a liar thinks you’re lying because that’s the first thought that comes to his mind, he doesn’t imagine that you can be anything but a liar because lying seems natural, universal to him.

Likewise, Pro-choice Students are a seed of totalitarians, fascists, intolerant people filled with hatred for those who do not share their opinions or obey their orders – their physical attacks, destruction on campus, and verbal abuse are abundant proof of it, and they believe that the opposite side can only think as they think.

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