Accomplice in San Bernardino Islamic Terror Attacks Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison

The year 2020 has been hellacious.

However, let’s not forget 2015 when jihad attacks were happening almost every other month.

The year started with the massacre of cartoonists in France. Today, the French updated the cry “Je suis Charlie” to “Je suis Samuel” in response to the beheading of a school teacher who dared show the Charle Hebdo Muhammad cartoons.

In May, ISIS irregulars came to kill Pamela Geller and others who attended the Muhammad art contest in Garland, Texas. The media took the side of ISIS against Geller.

By July, another jihad attack claimed the lives of four Marines in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But, who speaks of them today?

In November, ISIS “refugees”, killed 130 people including 90 at the Bataclan theatre in what the Guardian called the deadliest attack on French soil since World War 2.

Finally, in December, another jihad attack targeted a Christmas party in San Bernardino. It was at the time the deadliest terror attack on American soil since 911. The San Bernardino attack caused Trump to proclaim a shutdown on Muslims entering the country. And, while that didn’t happen, immigration has tightened, with jihad attacks in America halted.

Today, a court sentenced the man responsible with supplying weapons to the San Bernardino killers to 20 years in prison.

A realistic understanding of the world is the only thing that will stop the jihad.

San Bernardino terror attack: Gun purchaser Enrique Marquez Jr. sentenced to 20 years

ABC7: The sentencing in federal court in Riverside came after families of the victims pleaded with a judge to give Marquez a lengthy sentence. Prosecutors had asked for a 25-year sentence and Marquez’s attorney had suggested five years.

Marquez has a high IQ and the mental capacity to understand the likelihood of an attack occurring once he bought the weapons, prosecutor Melanie Sartoris said.

“He knew all along that this would happen,” but he did nothing, Sartoris said.

Defense attorney John Aquilina argued in court that his client had no knowledge of what was going to happen.

“Mr. Marquez’s sentence should not be reflective of what happened in San Bernardino,” he said.

“And the undeniable truth remains: If defendant had not illegally purchased two assault weapons for a terrorist, that terrorist and his wife would not have used those firearms to murder 14 people and wound 22 survivors,” prosecutors wrote in a court filing.

The government contends that several years before the massacre, Marquez and Farook had plotted two terrorist attacks on Riverside City College and a local highway, State Route 91.

Marquez’s defense attorney said his client had been manipulated by Farook since he was 13, when they met as neighbors. Aquilina said Marquez was desperate to socialize with others and needed to escape verbal and physical abuse at home.

He later tried to withdraw his plea to one of the counts, but the request was denied by the court.


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