Guest post from Anne Marie Waters. 


We all know that Britain has changed dramatically in just the last few years.  Free speech is dead; we cannot comment on immigration, Islam, transgenderism, or a host of other issues without being blasted as bigots – even losing our jobs.

Furthermore, illegal immigration is being facilitated by our so-called Border Force.  Yes, you read that correctly, the UK’s Border Force is bringing illegal migrants ashore – EVERY SINGLE DAY.  These migrant opportunists are neither refugees nor asylum seekers but that makes no difference to the British government.  This government is using YOUR money to house illegal immigrants in hotels while millions of British people are plunged in to poverty.

Our most fundamental freedoms have been destroyed because of the coronavirus pandemic, and we may never have them fully restored.

Britain’s education system is a joke; children are taught there are 100 genders, and of course they are taught to hate their own country.

White people are under relentless attack and anti-white hatred is all over our public institutions.

The public sector pours money down the drain and is never held to account.

It’s a mess.

As well as all of the above, Islam continues to trample all over us.  In Batley recently, a school once again gave in to the Islamic mob by censoring itself.  Batley Grammar School changed its curriculum and turned its back on one of its teachers when he used a cartoon of the Islamic prophet Mohammed in a discussion on free speech.  He is still in hiding and is unlikely to ever be safe again.

Now there is a Parliamentary by-election coming up in Batley and Spen.  Despite the recent formation of political parties claiming to stand for free speech, against political correctness, and in favour of truth, we know very well that they will go ‘so far and no further’.  In other words, despite claiming to be “anti-woke”, these parties will not tell the truth about Islam and the nature of its scriptures.

They will claim that only a ‘tiny minority of extremists’ is the problem.  We know differently.  We know the truth.  We know that Islamic scriptures condones and encourages violence against non-believers and ‘blasphemers’ and that mass immigration has brought this tyranny to Britain.  We can see the result.

The truth is that more and more Islamic immigrants are coming to Britain every single day, most of them illegally, and nothing is done about it.  These new “anti-woke” parties won’t address it and we at For Britain intend to expose this.

They won’t tell the truth, we will.

With all of this in mind, I will stand in the upcoming Parliamentary by-election in Batley and Spen.

I know I will be sidelined, ignored, smeared, attacked, and threatened.

It is time to show up the other parties for what they are.

It’s time to separate the wheat from the chaff.

It’s time to show who in British politics really has the courage to tell the truth.

This is so important., so crucial, but we need your help. Please help by donating so our message will reach EVERY home in the district and we can employ the security that we will need.

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