Basement Biden says there shouldn’t be a second debate if Trump still has Covid-19

Here we go. The demented coward Joe Biden is trying to duck the next debate against the POTUS. Remember this when you vote. The MSM will not be there to protect Joe Biden when he has to negotiate on behalf of America against China and Iran. This is crazy.

Biden says there shouldn’t be a second debate if Trump still has Covid-19

By CNN, October 6, 2020

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden said Tuesday that the second presidential debate should not be held if President Donald Trump is still infected with coronavirus, but that he would base his participation in the debate upon recommendations from medical experts.

“Well, I think if he still has Covid, we shouldn’t have a debate,” Biden told reporters in Maryland. “I think we’re gonna have to follow very strict guidelines. Too many people have been infected and it’s a very serious problem.”
He continued: “And so I’ll be guided by the guidelines of the Cleveland Clinic, and what the docs say is the right thing to do — if and when he shows up for debate.”
The former vice president also said he looks forward to the debate, which is set to take place next Thursday in Miami.
“I’m looking forward to being able to debate him. But I just hope all the protocols are followed, what’s necessary at the time,” he said.
Trump, who left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday after receiving treatment for the virus, is among more than a dozen people close to the administration or his reelection campaign who have contracted the virus in recent days.
The President tested positive last Thursday, but it’s unclear when he may have contracted the virus as officials — including his physician Dr. Sean Conley — have repeatedly refused to disclose when he last tested negative.
On Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence and Sen. Kamala Harris, Biden’s running mate, are set to face off in their only debate of the 2020 cycle. Pence, who has been near a number of people who have contracted the virus, has tested negative for the virus several times in the last few days.






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