Biden campaign lawyers up for election-related court battles

Trump, Biden build legal armies for electoral battlefield | TheHill

The corrupt Dems want to contest the election, so that the result is decided by the courts. This is political corruption at it’s worse. The POTUS better lawyer up in a big way. We need a landslide on November 3rd.

Biden campaign lawyers up for election-related court battles

Former Attorney General Eric Holder is part of largest ever election protection program, campaign says

The Biden campaign has been quietly building a massive “election protection program,” including former Attorney General Eric Holder and hundreds of other lawyers in preparation for a legal battle in the event of a contested election.

The former vice president’s campaign told Fox News Monday that over the past several months they have created the largest election protection program in presidential campaign history, involving integrated legal, communications and political strategies for what they anticipate to be an unprecedented election.

The strategies, according to the campaign, are being directed to support election jurisdictions in preparing for and administering the vote under what they call “extraordinary conditions” this cycle, voter education to raise awareness of options for in-person and mail-in voting, aggressive responses to vote suppression activities, and robust programs for identifying and countering foreign interference and misinformation from foreign or domestic sources.

The campaign said Bob Bauer has signed on full-time as a senior campaign adviser. He is on leave from the faculty of NYU Law School, and will work on the voter protection program with the campaign’s general counsel, Dana Remus. Bauer served as general counsel to the Obama-Biden campaigns in 2008 and 2012, and co-chair of former President Obama’s Presidential Commission on Election Administration.

Remus has oversight of the campaign’s day-to-day legal operations, and will oversee the wide-ranging team of lawyers to address voter protection.

The effort, according to the campaign, includes a national team for special litigation, whose leaders include former Solicitors General Donald Verrilli and Walter Dellinger, and a team at the law firm Perkins Coie, which is headed by Marc Elias.

Those lawyers will focus state-by-state on protecting voter access to the polls and a “fair and accurate vote count.”

A campaign source told Fox News that they will communicate and interact with all stakeholders in voting rights, but that Holder would play a leading role in the outreach program.

The source also stressed that while the legal program has brought on hundreds of lawyers, thousands of lawyers and volunteers are involved in their broader voter protection program.


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