Boston Globe Reporter Kevin Paul Dupont Calls for Death of Peaceful Protesters At Statehouse Inciting Target Employee to Urge Sniper Fire

Can a Pulitzer be far away for this bloodlusty demagogue?

The left and their violent armies such as Antifa engage in murderous rhetoric and violent riots without penalty or accountability. We are reaching a tipping point – where the informed outnumber the uninformed, misinformed and disengaged. This paradigm cannot and will not stand. Not anymore, not since they seized our freedoms and locked us in our homes.

Boston Globe Reporter Kevin Paul Dupont Wishes Death Upon Peaceful Protesters At Statehouse, Target Employee Urges Sniper Fire

TB Daily News, May 4, 2020:

Boston was the birthplace of peaceful political protest in this country, so it was only fitting today that hundreds of people showed up at the Statehouse today to demand that Charlie Baker end the ridiculous lockdown and the continued restrictions on our freedoms.

The longer this goes the more people wake up and leave Team Lockdown, since the lockdowns have been a spectacular and deadly failure. By focusing on restricting rights of the healthy instead of protecting the health of the most vulnerable, we have seen deadly outbreaks at nursing homes while the government wastes their time and energy forcing people to wear masks. An estimated 86% of child abuse is not being reported since schools are closed and DCF cannot do home visits. Massive outbreaks have occurred at places like the Worcester Walmart, as we send crowds of people to a small amount of corporate owned businesses. Our First and Second Amendment rights no longer exist, and those who choose to exercise them are fined or arrested.

If you support child abuse, policies that kill old people, and the restriction of civil liberties then I have some bad news for you – you’re not the good guy here.

But the people who cast judgment on folks who attended the protest today do so because they believe they are smarter and more enlightened. One of these people is Boston Globe Bruins columnist Kevin Paul Dupont, who never misses an opportunity to write passive-aggressive columns designed to make Trump supporters look like mindless rubes.

Here was his take on the protest.

No big deal. Just a well known writer for the biggest newspaper in New England wishing death upon a crowd of peaceful protesters.
Good thing he didn’t inspire other nutjobs to reply to his tweets with more specific death threats.

These people are sick, demented, and evil, and yet they think they have the moral high ground. In Kerry Sweet’s twisted line of thinking he was able to justify this tweet by telling himself that the people who attended this peaceful protest are all trying to kill old people. Therefore it’s OK to murder them. He believes they are dumber than he is, and therefore lesser. This is what the modern day left thinks of everyone who doesn’t agree with them.

Kerry Sweet is from Merrimack NH, and according to his LinkedIn he works as “executive team leader of asset protection” at Target. In other words, he’s gainfully employed at one of the billion dollar corporations that has benefitted from the lockdown while the small business owners protesting today lose everything. He has a long and storied career as the guy who makes sure kids don’t steal stuff at chain stores.

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