California Democrats are trying to cheat veteran Mike Garcia out of winning CA-25

This is why Governor Newsom wants rigged elections. To prevent strong Republican candidates from taking power from the Leftist elites, who have turned California into a state of near disrepair. This is just horrible. Voter fraud is real and it must be stopped. Mike Garcia is an excellent candidate. Rational voters of CA-25 must get out and vote for him. Hand the corrupt Democrats a humiliating defeat in their own backyard.

Democrats are on verge of the unthinkable: Losing a swing district in California

By Politico, May 8, 2020

California Republicans may be on the verge of something they haven’t done in more than two decades: capturing a congressional seat from Democrats in the nation’s most populousstate.

Tuesday’s special election runoff in the Los Angeles suburbswhich is taking place because of former Rep. Katie Hill’s resignation last year, has Democrats bracing for defeat in a district they flipped by 9 points in the 2018 midterms. Armed with a highly touted recruit and an older, less diverse electorate than in general elections, Republicans feel they are on the verge of an upset.

Private polls show the race in the state’s 25th District is within just a few points, and Democrats are already downplaying expectations for their nominee, state Assemblywoman Christy Smith, citing depressed turnout in the midst of a pandemic and the negative impact of the scandal surrounding Hill, who resigned amid allegations that she had inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers.

Their battle plan: Hope for the best next week, then try again in six months in the rematch, when Democrats expect their voters will show up with the presidential election on the ballot.

“We don’t underestimate how much of a Republican-leaning district this could be in May, but that will be a different electorate in November,” Rep. Pete Aguilar (D-Calif.) said, noting that the winner will serve only a limited time in Congress. “We don’t get in this to lose a race, but I do think that in November, Christy will be successful.”

Yet a victory by Republican Mike Garcia, a 44-year-old former Naval aviator and defense contractor, would provide a jolt of energy to the GOP’s efforts to reclaim some of its lost suburban territory — even as the party’s chances of recapturing the House majority appear to be dwindling.

The close race is remarkable, in part, because voters in the district, which spans the northern Los Angeles suburbs, backed Hillary Clinton by 7 points two years prior. And President Donald Trump is still highly unpopular there; one Democratic survey found his favorability ratings underwater by double digits. Those same conditions could be present in several key seats that Republicans hope to flip back.

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