Chicago Tribune demotes journalist who denounces George Soros role for the violence in Chicago and elsewhere

John Kass, who has been on Page 2 of the newspaper for 23 years, wrote in his July 22 column that it is “the big cities run by Democratic mayors, where murder and gang shootings are out of control”.

How dare he tell the truth? He should know better: that’s not the role of a journalist in 2020!

Kass adds that these cities once had a strong economy, and vibrant downtown areas are on their way to becoming ghost towns. But these Democratic cities are also where left-wing billionaire George Soros has spent millions of dollars to help elect liberal social justice warriors as prosecutors.

He remakes the justice system in urban America, flying under the radar.

“The Soros-funded prosecutors, not the mayors, are the ones who help release the violent on little or no bond.”

On Monday, Tribune editor-in-chief Colum McMahon announced that he would reorganize the placement of the newspaper’s columnists and separate news coverage from opinion columns. Kass will also lose his title of lead columnist.

But Kass is not only right, he is factual right.

Kass is not expressing an opinion. His post doesn’t belong to the opinion columns. Kass merely reported the facts: it is true, and well documented that Soros financed the campaigns of far left-wing judges, and it is true that the cities where the violence is most virulent are run by Democrats, often for decades.

The news was first broken by independent media blogger Robert Feder.

  • Kass, 64, has appeared on Page 2 since the death of Pulitzer Prize-winning columnist Mike Royko in 1997.
  • He has been with the newspaper for 37 years, starting as a copy boy.

Kass posts, according to the ADL, mostly allege without evidence that Soros is funding riots across the country, and that he is backing Antifa, the terrorist network of fascist activists. Kass doesn’t say that, but since when the left cares about the truth?

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