Corrupt NBC attacks Pompeo’s wife over private tours and says nothing about Biden family degenerate corruption

Joe Biden’s corruption is a national security threat but the MSM says nothing. It’s Secretary Pompeo’s wife that they chose to attack, for requesting that “VIP tours” be renamed to “private tours.” President Trump is right. The MSM is the enemy of the people.

Emails show how Pompeos mixed personal, official business

By NBC News, October 29, 2020
WASHINGTON — Less than three months after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo was sworn in, his son, Nick, reached out to thank State Department officials for a private tour they had given him and his mother, Susan Pompeo, of the agency’s in-house museum.

“I also want to reinforce my willingness to help your mission in any way I can,” Nick Pompeo wrote. “We view this as a family endeavor, so if you think there is any place I can add value, don’t hesitate to reach out.”

He also had an ask: Could he or the software company for which he was a sales executive be involved in a coming “data hackathon” event the State Department was planning? In an email, he asked for details about dates, times, volunteer opportunities and “how I or anyone at my company could help.”

The State Department said Pompeo’s company didn’t join the hackathon, an educational event focused on computer programming skills. But the request, which was included in hundreds of pages of emails obtained by NBC News, sheds light on how the Pompeos have repeatedly blurred the lines between official government business and domestic or personal matters.

Both Congress and the State Department’s inspector general have been investigating potential misuse of government resources by Mike Pompeo and his wife.

The emails show that Susan Pompeo routinely gives instructions to State Department officials from her personal email address about everything from travel plans and restaurant reservations to the elite Madison Dinners that NBC News reported on in May.

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