Cuomo Says It’s ‘Bad News’ That Pfizer Coronavirus Vaccine Breakthrough Came Under Trump

Cuomo put COVID-stricken seniors into nursing homes. It was a massacre. He had many options on where and how to treat them. Mercy hospital sat empty. Javitz hospital sat empty. Good Samaritan hospital in Central Park sat empty. He still refuses to release the data of how many tens of thousands of seniors died. Now he is leading an effort to stop the free vaccine from coming New York. It’s nothing short of murder. He should be thrown out of office. He is a threat to public safety.

Cuomo says it’s ‘bad news’ that Pfizer coronavirus vaccine progress came during Trump administration

By: WFVX, November 9, 2020

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo said that while it is “good news” that Pfizer has had a recent breakthrough in its coronavirus vaccine clinical trial, he believes it is “bad news” that the Trump administration will get to plan the distribution.

In an interview with George Stephanopoulos on ABC’s “Good Morning America” on Monday, Cuomo said he has spoken to other governors about how they can alter or even block Trump’s plan so that President-elect Joe Biden could do it instead.

“Well, it’s good news, bad news, George,” Cuomo said. “The good news is the Pfizer tests look good and we’ll have a vaccine shortly. The bad news is it’s about two months before Joe Biden takes over, and that means this administration is going to be implementing a vaccine plan.”

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