Democrat Mayor De Blasio Holds NYC Children Hostage – Wont Fully Re-Open Schools in Fall

Children are not at risk with COVID. COVID death rates are at an all time low. democrats are holding our children hostage to a flu that poses no threat to children. All to defeat the GOP in November. This is tyranny.

This is child abuse, not to mention the grave difficulties this imposes on single mothers.

N.Y.C. Schools, Nation’s Largest District, Will Not Fully Reopen in Fall

Classroom attendance in September will be limited to only one to three days a week in an effort to continue to curb the outbreak, the mayor said.

By Eliza Shapiro, NY Times, July 8, 2020:

About four months after 1.1 million New York City children were forced into online learning, Mayor Bill de Blasio announced on Wednesday that public schools would still not fully reopen in September, saying that classroom attendance would instead be limited to only one to three days a week in an effort to continue to curb the coronavirus outbreak.

The mayor’s release of his plan for the system, by far the nation’s largest, capped weeks of intense debate among elected officials, educators and public health experts over how to bring children back safely to 1,800 public schools.

The decision to opt for only a partial reopening, which is most likely the only way to accommodate students in school buildings while maintaining social distancing, may hinder hundreds of thousands of parents from returning to their pre-pandemic work lives, undermining the recovery of the sputtering local economy.

Still, the staggered schedules in New York City schools for September reflect a growing trend among school systems, universities and colleges around the country, which are all trying to find ways of balancing the urgent need to bring students back to classrooms and campuses while also reducing density to prevent the spread of the virus.

The left are holdoing our children hostage.

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