ELECTION FRAUD PARTY: Democrat Attorneys General Align with PA, MI, WI and GA – Nearly Every State Has Picked Sides

Civil war.

Democrats haven’t realized it yet but this is where we plant our flag. They will not steal and destroy our great nation.

Democrat Attorneys General Align with Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia – Nearly Every State Has Picked Sides

By Joe Hoft, Gateway Pundit, December 10, 2020:

The Texas case against Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin and Georgia has exploded. Now nearly the entire country is picking sides.

The whole country knows now that the state of Texas sued Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin on Monday night in the US Supreme Court challenging their unlawful election procedures.

Texas argued these four states violated the US Constitution because they made changes to voting rules and procedures through the courts or through executive actions. But these states did not make the changes through the state legislatures as spelled out in the US Constitution.

We reported earlier today that President Trump joined Texas in suing the four states being sued by Texas.

Last night we reported 18 states have to date joined Texas in their case against the four states

Next we reported that 106 US House Republicans have signed a brief backing Texas in this case (the list should be over 200):

And then this afternoon, the Pennsylvania House joined the case:


Now blue states and a couple of territories have gotten involved and have joined Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia and Wisconsin.  They are fine with massive corruption as long as they gain power:

Even the Democrat Attorney General from North Carolina, where Trump won the election, has joined with fellow Democrat Attorneys General.

In addition to the above, Ohio joined Texas but then backtracked (so we really don’t know where to put them) and Wyoming decided to stay out of it.  Iowa, Kentucky, Alaska, New Hampshire and Idaho appear to have decided to stay out of the case as well.  Nearly the entire country is in the game now.  (see map above).

The number of states and entities joining Texas in their suit against the big four states involved in stealing the 2020 election continues to grow. This case isn’t bogus or seditious, this case is valid and that is why states are picking sides.

(A final note – the people of many states must be sick with the actions of their current Democrat officials aligning with the corruption of the left. Never in US history have we seen such an all out effort to steal an election away from the Presidential winner. The steal cannot stand.)

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