Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech

There is more to the story than meets the corrupt media eye. Make no mistake, this whistle blower is merely a Democrat device to hijack the censorship issue of conservatives and instead, shut down free speech.

Two sides to the story:

Facebook Whistleblower Is a Democrat Activist Demanding Big Tech and Government Crack Down on Free Speech
Republicans Pretend They Cannot See What’s Going On:

By: Sundance Conservative Treehouse, October 5, 2021:

The transparency of this operation was/is brutally obvious. Frances Haugen appears on CBS 60-Minutes as a Facebook “whistleblower”, and already had a congressional hearing lined up for 48 hours later? C’mon man… did the lessons of Sandra Fluke or Christine Blasey Ford not register with anyone?

Former Facebook product manager Frances Haugen is a left-wing activist with a long history of giving money to far-left fellow travelers including congressional moonbat AOC. Haugen is the Blasey-Ford of 2021 and her objective is to further advance the premise of censorship and political targeting under the guise of protecting children.

The leftist ruse was obvious when Ms. Haugen began demanding (during her scripted congressional testimony) that social media platforms start clamping down on expressions of free speech in order to protect the user.  The demand is for more central command and control authority over what you read, review, discuss and debate on the internet.  It is frustrating to see the UniParty play out this pantomime as if the American electorate cannot see the strings on the puppets.

Everything prior to Frances Haugen appearing today was scripted and planned; including the false “whistleblower” narrative.  Everything taking place in the Senate hearing today was scripted and planned in advance.  Political activist and left-wing ideologues want freedom censored and shut down.  It is one long continuum of stopping any push-back against oppressive government.

Remember, the Fourth Branch of government is only possible because the U.S. Senate supports it.  The control mechanism to target opposition works through a Public-Private partnership between the U.S. Intelligence apparatus and Big Tech social media platforms.  The U.S. Intelligence agencies are collaborative partners with Big Tech {LINK}.  That is why Google, Amazon (owns the cloud),  Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all now connected to the portals of the Five Eyes intelligence operation.


There’s a very strong possibility the Facebook/Insta blackout yesterday was associated with the new system merging that took place.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  They admitted it out loud in June of this year, when the biggest names in Big Tech announced they partnered with the Five Eyes intelligence network, ultimately controlled by the NSA, to: (1) monitor all activity in their platforms; (2) identify extremist content; (3) look for expressions of Domestic Violent Extremism (DVE); and then, (4) put the content details into a database where the Five Eyes intelligence agencies (U.K., U.S., Australia, Canada, New Zealand) can access it.

DHS, FBI and DOJ openly admitted their intent to define domestic political opposition as extremists.

July 26 (Reuters) – A counterterrorism organization formed by some of the biggest U.S. tech companies including Facebook (FB.O) and Microsoft (MSFT.O) is significantly expanding the types of extremist content shared between firms in a key database, aiming to crack down on material from white supremacists and far-right militias, the group told Reuters.

Until now, the Global Internet Forum to Counter Terrorism’s (GIFCT) database has focused on videos and images from terrorist groups on a United Nations list and so has largely consisted of content from Islamist extremist organizations such as Islamic State, al Qaeda and the Taliban.

Over the next few months, the group will add attacker manifestos – often shared by sympathizers after white supremacist violence – and other publications and links flagged by U.N. initiative Tech Against Terrorism. It will use lists from intelligence-sharing group Five Eyes, adding URLs and PDFs from more groups, including the Proud Boys, the Three Percenters and neo-Nazis.

The firms, which include Twitter (TWTR.N) and Alphabet Inc’s (GOOGL.O) YouTube, share “hashes,” unique numerical representations of original pieces of content that have been removed from their services. Other platforms use these to identify the same content on their own sites in order to review or remove it. (read more)

Think about that sentence structure very carefully. They are “adding to” the pre-existing list…. admitting the group (aka Big Tech) already has access to the the intelligence-sharing database… and also admitting there is a pre-existing list created by the Five Eyes consortium.

Obviously, who and what is defined as “extremist content” will be determined by the Big Tech insiders themselves. This provides a gateway, another plausible deniability aspect, to cover the Intelligence Branch from any oversight.

The volume of metadata captured by the NSA has always been a problem because of the filters needed to make the targeting useful. There is a lot of noise in collecting all data that makes the parts you really want to identify more difficult to capture. This new partnership creates a filtration system in the metadata that circumvents any privacy protections for individuals and gives Big Tech the authority to censor viewpoints that concern them.

Fast forward a few months, and a “whistleblower’ pops up advocating for Big Tech social media to do more controlling of speech on their platforms?

Once you see the strings on the Marionettes it is impossible to return yourself to that place before where you could watch the pantomime and not see them!

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