Fired Up AG Barr Drops The Hammer On CNN Blitzer On Mail-In Voting.Amid Reports Thousands of Altered Mail-In Ballots


AG Bill Barr to CNN’s Wolf Blitzer: “The media should be fair and balanced no matter who the president is. Doesn’t give the media a license to lie the way a lot of the media is.”

Blitzer: “I can speak for us, we are fair and balanced.”

Barr, laughing: “Ok…”

Bernie Sanders Supporter Admits to Altering Thousands of Mail-In Ballots

By: :League of Power, September 1, 2020:

Even though Joe Biden and Kamala Harris don’t even have a basic political campaign running, the Democrat Party is operating as if the 2020 presidential election is theirs to lose. Why? Because of mail-in voting. Black support for the Trump/Pence ticket climbed an astonishing 60% after the Republican National Convention. The race is effectively over today. But the Democrats plan to make it close enough to contest or dispute, throwing the nation into turmoil immediately after the election, thanks to mail-in voting.

A Bernie Sanders supporter who has made a career out of mail-in vote fraud has come forward to tell his story to the New York Post. The Bernie Bro is remaining anonymous, because he will go to prison for a long time for meddling in New Jersey politics if his identity comes out. Why is he taking the risk to expose his mail-in vote fraud secrets now? Probably to stick it to the Democrat Party establishment.

If Joe Biden becomes president, the Clinton/Obama/Wasserman-Schultz wing of the Democrat Party establishment will crush the Bernie Sanders wing of the party to keep themselves in power in perpetuity. The Bernie Bro whistleblower is likely telling his story now to prevent the same establishment that robbed Bernie of the nomination (twice) from doing further damage to the country. As I’ve been telling the Bernie Bros all along: If you really want to stick it to Clinton and Obama, vote for Trump!

Anyway, this guy described his mail-in vote fraud operation and tactics in painstaking detail. Here’s how he has been singlehandedly stealing local and state elections in New Jersey for years.

First off, mail-in ballots have no security measures on them whatsoever in New Jersey. There’s no state-applied watermark or non-duplicatable stamp on them, or any other type of security measure to prevent fraud. So, the Bernie Bro admits that step one is to make hundreds or thousands of fake ballots… on a common copy machine. He just finds the correct paper stock at a Walmart or a stationary store and prints his own ballots.

The envelopes are trickier. Those can’t be counterfeited as easily, so the Bernie Bro’s crew of employees (yes, these operations are so sophisticated that they have employees) has to go and harvest actual, authentic ballots from people. They do this by canvassing neighborhoods, apartment buildings, nursing homes and other places – especially in heavily Republican districts – and offer to mail the ballots in for voters as a “public service.” When an individual hands their ballot to one of these ballot harvesters – it’s all over.

The Bernie Bro also notes that rabid anti-Trump postal workers are simply going to throw ballots from Republican neighborhoods in the trash. His crew pays the postal workers a few bucks to hand the ballots over to them instead.

It then becomes a very simple process. The harvesters drop off the ballots at the Bernie Bro’s apartment, where another crew is hard at work… steaming the envelopes open. It takes about five minutes to steam open an election envelope, toss the valid ballot in the trash, replace it with a pre-filled ballot for the Democrat candidate and re-seal the valid envelope. Voila! Your mail-in vote has effectively been stolen from you, once the re-sealed envelope has been dropped in a mailbox.

With four pots of boiling water running on a stove, a crew of two or three people could effectively alter about 1,200 votes over the course of an 8-hour day. The Bernie Bro admits to the New York Post that his crew can easily harvest 500 to 1,000 ballots for any local election. For state and federal elections, you can add a zero or two to those figures.

The final step is to then have operatives “seed” the ballots in different mailboxes around the city; dumping them all in one mailbox at once would be a dead giveaway. Every fraudulent ballot manufactured in this way technically counts like two votes, because your vote has been canceled and there is one more vote for the Democrat.

The Bernie Bro whistleblower says that Democrats have been paying him for this service for years. He has altered thousands of mail-in ballots through this process, for everything from local dog catcher and county commissioner races, all the way up to federal races for Congress and the White House.

The Bernie Bro also admits to the post that in addition to his own team, he has mentored about 20 similar operatives in New York, Pennsylvania and New Jersey. President Trump is absolutely correct when he says that mail-in voting is rife with fraud. It is the least secure, most vulnerable form of voting that we have available to date.

The only way to ensure that your vote is not altered after you cast it is by voting in person, preferably on a paper ballot. Voting on a vote machine is the second-best option. If you are forced to vote by mail in your state for some reason, DO NOT hand your ballot over to a “ballot harvester” under any circumstance if you plan on voting for President Trump.

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