French Minister Demands Mosque Be Shut Down After Inciting To Murder

A French mosque has expressed regret for sharing a video that is believed to have provoked the gruesome murder of a history and geography teacher.

I have been covering the global jihad for almost two decades now and can say unequivocally that behind every jihad attack is the imprimatur of a Muslim cleric.

My colleagues and I have been advising for years that any mosque tied to jihad carnage should be shuttered.

France TV:

The country’s interior minister has demanded the mosque be closed down.

The mosque’s rector, Mohammed Henniche, now says that he “regrets” the decision to share the clip, but insisted that the video never identified the teacher by name and was not a call to violence: “There is no call to hate, and no call against this teacher,” he told Franceinfo.

The mosque removed the post after Paty’s murder and issued a statement condemning the attack.

Despite its efforts to distance itself from the incident, the house of worship has been accused of helping to incite the killing.

French Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin claimed that its leader had promoted a “message saying that the teacher should be intimidated” and called for the mosque to be shuttered, arguing that it had spread a message of “hate.”

Darmanin has vowed to crack down on “enemy” Muslim groups and extremism online. The man who made the video was later arrested along with several others, including the suspect’s relatives.

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