From Al Jazeera Terror TV: Ramadan, ‘Month Of Jihad And Victories,’ Is The Season Of Jihad Armed Operations

Because peace with non-believers is unislamic and *prohibited.

*Except as a temporary truce, a hudna, in order to re-arm, recruit, and make ready for battle.

For years, I exposed the TV terror network of Al Jazeera — I have held press conferences and protests, and have written numerous pieces exposing the terror network’s terror network.  Despite decades of evidence, American leftist leaders led by Hillary Clinton and Al Gore, consistently aligned with evil ideologies and  jihad, have long worked furiously to norm and mainstream al-Jazeera, the terror propaganda network. Remember, Al Jazeera is Hillary’s favorite channel, which she lauded: “it’s real news!”

While she was Secretary of State, Clinton went out of her way to single out Al Jazeera for praise: “You’ve got a global — a set of global networks — that Al Jazeera has been the leader in, that are literally changing people’s minds and attitudes,” Clinton told that members of the U.S. Senate Foreign Relations Committee.

By contrast, Donald Rumsfeld called the broadcaster’s reporting “vicious, inaccurate and inexcusable,” and President George W. Bush joked about bombing it. Senior Bush officials caricatured the channel as an anti-Semitic, anti-American outlet for jihad incitement.

The Iraqi authorities have shut down the Al Jazeera channel’s Baghdad office, accusing Qatar’s state-funded TV network of inciting violence and sectarianism.

Article On Al-Jazeera Website: Ramadan, ‘Month Of Jihad And Victories,’ Is The Season Of Palestinian Armed Operations


One of the articles published on the website of the Qatari Al-Jazeera network on the occasion of Ramadan is headlined “How the Palestinian Resistance Turned Ramadan into the Season of Attacks and Victories.” Written by ‘Adnan Abu ‘Amer, a Palestinian Political Science lecturer at Al-Ummah University in Gaza, the article notes that, throughout Muslim history, Ramadan has always been  the month of jihad and victory, and that the Palestinian terror organizations “take advantage of the spiritual atmosphere” during this month, and of the heritage of the Muslims battles and victories that took place during this month throughout Muslim history, to step up their jihad against Israeli targets.

Abu ‘Amer lists a long line of deadly attacks by the Palestinian terror organizations – against both soldiers and civilians, including suicide bombings – that were deliberately carried out during Ramadan due to the month’s special character. He also mentions the Israel-Gaza war of July 2014, which likewise coincided with Ramadan, and which he says serves as a model for resistance groups to this day because it included “the most prominent acts of heroism by the resistance in the history of Palestine and the conflict with the occupation.” He adds that the Israeli security apparatuses are aware that, on Ramadan, the Palestinian organizations are especially motivated to  carry out attacks and therefore prepare for it in advance.    

The following are translated excerpts from his article.

“The Palestinian resistance takes advantage of the spiritual atmosphere in the month of Ramadan to raise the morale of its members and step up their activity, a fact that Israel’s security and military apparatuses take into account each year as this month approaches. The history of the Palestinian resistance shows that it has often chosen to carry out its harsh operations and attacks against the Israeli occupation in the month of Ramadan, thanks to the [special] tactical and ritual role of this month, exemplified by famous battles in Islamic history.  Below I will use a question-and-answer format to review the most prominent attacks carried out by the Palestinian resistance in the recent months and the losses they inflicted on the occupation, [and explain] why [the resistance] deliberately chose to carry out these armed attacks during Ramadan…

“What Ramadan victories are etched in the Palestinian memory?

“The Palestinian [custom] of mobilizing for operations and intensifying them in the month of Ramadan is inspired by [Islamic] history, which is replete with wars and conquests that took place during this month, because the Muslims clearly made special efforts to carry out attacks then. Prominent among these attacks were the Battle of Badr, the conquest of Mecca, the conquest of Andalusia, the Battle of Tours, the Battle of ‘Ain Jalut, and the October/Ramadan War [between Israel and the Arabs in 1973]. All these [battles] are a source of inspiration for the Palestinian resistance.”

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